Portraits to Weddings w/ Ricky Stern [PS 20]

Erica, Nick, & Darin chat with the AMAZINGLY TALENTED & EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING Ricky Stern. The four discuss the steps Ricky took to get into photography, where he now, and his thoughts on Portrait Photography as a career. Is there a future in Portrait Photography? – Tune in to find out!

What's in this episode:

  • What Ricky did before he became the preeminent photographer in Miami, Florida.
  • Do you need to be an assistant before getting into serious Portrait or Wedding Photography?
  • How do you become a second shooter & why might it be harder to do it than you think.
  • The necessary tools needed to wedding.
  • Basic lighting setups for a successful Wedding Photographer.
  • Why natural light does not prove you are a good photographer.
  • High volume or high quality?  What is the best workload for an aspiring photographer.
  • Photographing each & every wedding like it is your little sister's wedding.
  • Tips for branding & marketing a wedding-specific business.

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