All About Landscape Photography [IP 133]

What's in this episode:

  • We answer a reader question as to why we do not use colored filters on our lenses.
  • A reader question about whether an 85mm f/1.2 lens is a good choice for their APS-C sensor.
  • The five of us talk about the tripods we use & why we love/hate them.
  • Firefighters are shooting down drones in California. (Pixoto Story Link)
  • Jim weighs in on how well his Fuji XT-1 is handling shallow depth of field.
  • Darin talks about going back to your roots & shooting what you love.
  • Majeed persuades us to get our clothes wet & go for the shot!
  • Jeff reviews some hiking bags & talks about which ones he can live with or live without.
  • Nick discusses the importance of being kind, safe, respectful, & the first to post photos when shooting wildfires or disasters.

Resources Mentioned:


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8 thoughts on “All About Landscape Photography [IP 133]”

  1. John Griffith

    Nick, I see your doodad is the Rokinon 24mm f/1.4, is this a good lens for landscape or I have looked at the Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f2.8. If you have another Landscape lens recommendation for around these two prices would be great.

  2. @John. I am guessing your on a crop sensor body? if so used to have the sigma 10-20 f3.5 and it was a pretty good lens.. but The Tokina is hard to beat as a f2.8 constant. I think your on the right track if your shooting a crop sensor.. and looking for something at that price point. If you plan on sticking with your camera body for a while, thats probably the lens I would go for. if your wanting to get into a lens you can grow into, I would get something that works on a full frame sensor as well.. perhaps the Tamron 15-30.. it wont be as wide, but if you move to a full frame camera, you will already have a lens in the bag that works with it!

  3. I’m echoing Rick’s request. Please list the tripods you talked about. Really enjoy the podcast (except for your cotton-pick in’ phrase, “Doodad of the week” )

  4. Thanks for the podcast. Really enjoy it. Just a note that the link for the 16mm lens actually leads to the drone story. Thanks again for all the work you guys do to put out these great podcasts!

  5. Hi guys. Great episode and so many excellent recent episodes. I am not sure where to post questions to the podcast, do you mind posting a link for that? The question I want to ask is about light balance in landscape photography. Last week I was backpacking in the Sierras and I had a setting crescent moon during blue hour with the milky way in frame. What are the right conditions for this kind of image? The moon and residual sky glow illuminate the landscape, but also cut the contrast in the milky way. What has worked for you?

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