Jim Dumps Nikon [IP 132]

Jim has announced he has finally gone mirrorless! Darin & Jim talk about the pros and cons of DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras. The two discuss what type of photographers can benefit from these two systems.

What's in this episode:

  • Darin & Jim answer a reader question asking about when to print on different mediums.
  • Jim & Darin tackle a question posted on the new Portrait Session Podcast Listeners Facebook Group on whether a Wedding Photographer can be taken seriously with a mirrorless camera.
  • Six points are discussed why DSLRs are still (and will be) cool.  – Jim & Darin talk about the validity of the points.
  • The weight factor. – How much weight does one really save when they go mirrorless?

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10 thoughts on “Jim Dumps Nikon [IP 132]”

  1. On the X-T1’s durability: I’ve ski’d off a cliff and landed on my back with the X-T1 and 50-140 in my bag (it’s light enough to ski all day without problems, btw), shot inches from a waterfall and in a sandstorm and its still working like new. I’m sure Jim’s going to find a way to kill his, but I’ve been actively trying to kill mine for over a year and put a couple of scuffs on the corners.

  2. Congrats, Jim on switching to the Fuji X-T1. I bought my X-T1 about a year ago and love the camera, with pretty much the same reasons you mentioned. Looking forward to hearing more about your experience with it. And I don’t mind sharing my X-T1 experience if you want. I also use the X100S, another great camera from Fuji.

    I am contemplating joining the China trip with you next year; would be great to be in a workshop where the leader uses the same camera as you!

    Thanks, and keep up the good work. I love your podcasts.

  3. Steven Strong

    I love the podcast it has quickly risen to be my favorite photography podcast. I am sorry to hear about the backlash from the misplaced zealotry of Nikon fanboys. I am new to photography and work as a Firefighter/Paramedic for the SFFD and love to take pictures of the crazy things I encounter both at work and away. I started with a Canon T3i that I liked but seemed way to bulky for me to use effectively. I have recently switched to using the Sony A6000 and I would really like to hear why you chose the Fuji over it. In the podcast you deferred to your guest as he was more familiar with the A6000. While you talked about all of the advantages of the Fuji I was thinking that a lot of the positives you mentioned were also available on the Sony. My personal issue is that I have done extensive research on the Sony even paying the $13 for Gary Fong’s tutorial on the camera and still have mixed results with the autofocus. This past week I was traveling in Colorado and noticed that the autofocus is more consistent than ever. So I guess in a long winded way I am curious if this is the reason you went with the Fuji over the Sony or if it was something else I might be struggling with. Thank you for your time.
    Steven Strong

  4. I love my X-T1! I’m still trying to get a handle on the new autofocus options though. I have a one year old daughter and I’ve tried to use single point continuous and zone continuous to track her but it still seems to lag. A post with tips on using the new autofocus options would be helpful.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Dominick Chiuchiolo

    Hey Jim,

    I was going to write you a while back when you first started talking about the X-T1 and your interest in the camera. You were concerned with the 16mp Sensor and printing large prints. Im sure you know now that the image quality from these Fuji cameras is outstanding and you can print pretty large prints from them and be very satisfied. I have had the X-T1 since it came out and recently picked up the X-T10 as a second body. It is also an excellent camera and gives you a different control layout that is a nice change from the all control dials on the X-T1. I have the Trinity of lenses as well as some fast primes. You should definitely get yourself the 56mm 1.2, if you don’t already. The 14, 16, 23, 35 , 56, and now the 90mm are all fantastic sharp well built lenses. Do yourself a favor and rent the 16mm. Wow! If you like the camera now with just using the Trinity of lenses you are going to fall in love all over with the fast primes. Check out the deal on the X-Pro1 they are having right now. You can get the camera with the 27mm pancake and the 35mm 1.4 for $950.00! Yes the X-Pro1 is the first one they made and it is a little slow but it is still an excellent camera and unique with the hybrid optical/electric view finder. It will be a classic soon. 🙂 The last firmware for it really helped a lot. There is something special about it when you use it. Heck, its like getting the camera for free with the 2 lenses. 🙂 Anyway… I just thought I would drop a line and say hi. Don’t forget to put the X-T1 in hi performance mode to get the best results with the AF.

    Enjoy your Fuji! Dominick Chiuchiolo

  6. Congrats on getting the Fuji X-T1. I switched about a year ago, bounced back and forth between Canon and Nikon. Once I switched to the Fuji X system I haven’t looked back. The X-T1 makes you want to take pictures. So much so that I now have three of them. My first the soon bought another for my backup. And when they went on sale pulled the trigger on the Graphite Silver one. The images that come out of this camera are always spectacular. First thing outta my mouth. Did I make that photo? 🙂

  7. Relatively new listener to your podcast and casual photographer that has had their foot in the canon and nikon camps since the ae-1 pro and F4 days. Recently purchased the 70D and have loved the performance and quality of resulting images but the weight & size was a downer for me, especially with my 70-200 Sigma lens that I would bolt of for basketball games.

    After listening to your recent podcast… a lightbulb went off and realized you were expressing my own daily inner dialog when it came to breaking out the camera this or that event.. tiring of the weight and bulk. So after hearing your recent podcasts…. I decided to give the XT1 a try and so far the few days I have owned it.. I love it! It is a change of pace and like the camera management options – independent dials for key areas – ISO/Shutter/Aperture. For now I have the 18~55 and will update it with the 18~135mm as my daily grinder & then my “70~200” replacement.

    Note to others that 42nd Street Photo has the 18~135mm on sale for $499…!

    Great podcast & keep up the good work!

  8. I have never heard the co-hosts say they shoot mirrorless! It really validates my decision last year to sell my D300 and a plethora of lenses and SB flashes. I chose a Samsung NX300 and have loved the change! I can carry the whole camera system easily when traveling with my family, and I didn’t give up any image quality (granted, my D300 was aging technology). All my ‘creative’ flash photography is off camera and manual.
    Welcome to the mirrorless side, Jim! As Nick said, photography is all about compromise. I gave up a few things for a lot of great things!

  9. Good episode.
    This is the ideal format of two people on the podcast. More voices (who are not a guest interview) become confusing and the conversation does not move swiftly

  10. Jim,

    I agree that the Fuji X series is a wonderful system. I’ve been shooting both landscape and street photography with the XE-1 and 10-24, 18-55 and 55-200mm lenses for several months. Fuji’s size and weight are perfect for those long hikes in the outdoors or for an all-day “street” photo session, and the quality of images are terrific, But even if I had the XT-1 I wouldn’t “dump” my D750 and D300S which I need for certain assignments, especially when an ultra fast focus and extra resolution are needed. I think both systems have their place, and I am a bit surprised you would “dump” your Nikon, especially after you were seemingly impressed with your D750. I’ve also found that my Nikon system with slower, lighter lenses is more portable. I don’t always find it necessary to haul around the heavy f/2.8 “trinity.” The D750 with a 24-120mm is pretty small and light.

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