Recommended Gear for Switching to Fuji

Fuji XT1 Camera with 18-135mm lens  I'd recommend getting this combo of camera/lens because you get a discount on the 18-135.  The 18-135 is a good general all-purpose lens for hiking, going out with the family, etc.

Fuji 10-24 f/4 This is the best wide angle lens available for Fuji.  Good lens.

Fuji 50-140 f/2.8 This is the equivalent to a 70-200.  Because of the crop factor, it makes this a 70-200 equivalent focal length.

Fuji 16-55mm f/2.8 This is equivalent to a 24-70.  Probably the best lens for closer portraits, and full body shots.

Extra batteries You'll want a bunch.  With the OLED viewfinder, the camera chews through batteries quickly.  These have a higher mAh count than the batteries that come with the Fuji, so they'll last  just a little longer, plus it gives you an extra charger and a car charger.

Be sure to check on the right hand side of the listing pages on Amazon for used gear.  With cameras there are TONS of returns because people want to try out a camera before deciding, so you can often find a brand new lens that was just returned and get $200 off for it.  I always pick the “like new” in the used section if I can find it.

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