Taking Charge of Light [PS 18]

Darin sits down with Erica Kay, Nick Page, & Jim Harmer to offer our best tips & tricks for lighting & Flash Photography. The four talk about everything from tagging clients on your business page, not overbooking, & refraining from holding images hostage.

What's in this episode:

  • Erica's #1 Tip for Lighting. – Experiment with multiple lights.
  • Jim's #1 Tip for Flash Photography. – Shoot in complete darkness.
  • Nick's #1 Tip for Lighting. – Light with the end result in mind.
  • Darin's #1 Tip for Flash Photography. – Practice Practice Practice!
  • Jim discusses his upcoming production on Flash Photography & Lighting, which is coming soon!
  • Nick talks about not over booking himself & avoiding burnout.
  • Erica offers helpful information on how to tag clients from you Facebook Business Page.
  • Darin explores the need to give back to society through photography.
  • Jim explains why we need to stop holding client's images hostage.

11733631_940055792684599_1293044677_o 11756871_940055666017945_2019389867_o – Nick shares some examples where he takes charge of light!

Resources Mentioned:


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