Nick v World & Lightroom Good/Bad [IP 130]

Jim sits down with Brian, Darin, Jeff & Nick to answer two reader questions.  Nick faces off with the four to argue the advantages of full frame over APS-C; he holds his ground pretty darned well!  Amongst the battle the five touch upon the importance of community, doing your own thing while learning from others, & the silver lining with Sony's happenings.

What's in this episode:

  • A reader question about needing a full frame camera to be a second shooter on a wedding. Is it true?  Tune in & find out!
  • Is it better to buy the previous generation lens & save money or is it better to look at third party like at Tamron?
  • Nick's Hawaii trip experiences, lessons learned, & second battle with waves.
  • Sony's financials are not looking so hot, but there is promise with their camera sensor technology, Jeff explains.
  • Jim talks about where Lightroom stands today & polls the other hosts about their current experience with it.
  • Why we are loving the ‘Dehaze' feature & the ability to adjust whites & blacks using brushes/gradient filters.
  • Darin explains why it is good to do your own thing, but still being open to listening to others.  – Attend a workshop, conference, class, etc. & learn to shoot what you love!
  • Brian steps out of his comfort zone & falls in love with shooting what he usually does not shoot.

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