Changes in Lightroom [IP 128]

Jim, Jeff, & Darin sit down to talk about the changes in Lightroom, Photoshop, the Adobe CC 2015 updates.  The three also give tips on shooting panoramas.

What's in this episode:

  • A further discussion into shooting Auto ISO.
  • Jim invents a feature on a camera!
  • Our biggest change in Lightroom CC 2015 we love.
  • Poking fun at Nick while he is in Hawaii. – Jim wins the Expo Disc Argument!
  • What is new in Photoshop 2015.
  • Holy Moly! What is this 100GB Adobe file on my hard drive?
  • Tips for shooting better panoramas.
  • Darin joins the team at Pixoto & Jim is Judging the “Destination Landscapes” Contest.

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5 thoughts on “Changes in Lightroom [IP 128]”

  1. You spoke of LR CC updates but you gave no mention of your biggest concern about the software: how slow and buggy LR CC 6 is. I use LR5 (box version) on an (old) early 2009 iMac. Is it time to upgrade? Is LR 6 CC stable and fast enough?

    1. ImprovePhotography

      Dang. That was in my notes to talk about but we missed it. CC’s update last week has fixed the stability problems I was experiencing. It’s time to buy.

  2. Thanks for clarifying your thoughts on auto ISO! Really appreciated.
    Your discussion on panorama was interesting though it would be nice to describe in details your post-process workflow, I am pretty sure that we all do it slightly differently and it can be interesting to compare the techniques (do you edit the image before or after stitching, what stitching mode works best, etc).
    Finally, I just entered the Pixoto contest “Destination Landscape”, thanks for the tip!

  3. Dave Fugazzotto

    Maxime asked a version of my question about upgrading based on the recent issues…thanks for the clarification, and if you can elaborate on the next podcast, I’m sure there are others of us who would be grateful. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  4. Nice podcast, guys!

    Just a note: when talking about panoramas, one of you menioned to be careful with objects on the foregroud (there was even an example of multiple tree stumps, etc), but failed to explain the reason: parallax. Also, the use of tools such as Nodal Ninja can help get rid of this problem!

    Obrigado 😉

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