Favorite Lighting Setups & Listener Q&A [PS 16]

Erica, Nick, & Darin sit down to discuss different light styles & share our favorite techniques. The three offer insight into how to get unique lighting in portraits & weddings.  Lastly, they tackle reader questions.

What's in this episode:

  • Nick Dominates Light using ‘Boxer' & ‘Clamshell' Lighting.  – See the examples below in the show notes.
  • Erica lets us in on her secrets to successful Reception Lighting & gives us a peek into Boudoir Photography Lighting.
  • Darin advocates shooting what you know, get comfortable with it, & then get inspired by great minds like Erica & Nick!
  • A workflow question about efficiently sharing your work on the various social media platforms.
  • How in the world do you shoot a large group of 60-70 people when lighting is not in your favor? How do you pose them?
  • People have been giving me positive feedback on my work, but how do I start to charge for my work? How do you get your first paid gig?

boxer-light (An example of ‘Boxer' Lighting mentioned in the podcast by Nick Page.)

clam-light-(2) (Nick's example of ‘Clamshell' Lighting.)

Softbox-on-monopod-first-dance(Nick creatively using a softbox on a monopod for a first dance shot.)

Resources Mentioned:

  • Improve Photography's 2016 China Workshop – Get some face time with some excellent photographers & learn how to hone in on your craft!
  • Improve Photography's Portfolio Reviews – Join the hundreds that have already received HELPFUL & INSIGHTFUL feedback on their work!


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