Windows 10 & Sharp Images [IP 126]

Jim, Nick, Brian, Jeff, & Darin discuss their thoughts on Windows 10 hoping it will be a better platform for photographers. The four also dive into tips & tricks to get sharper images.

What's in this episode:

  • Improve Photography is looking for two new editors! – One for Gear & one for Nature Photography. – Listen for details!
  • Jeff could not join us for this episode, but was kind enough to record his thoughts on Windows 10.
  • A discussion about Windows 10 and how Microsoft needs to step up their game with Apple and Google OS nipping at Microsoft's heels.
  • Tips & Tricks for getting sharper images from Jim, Nick, Brian, & Darin.

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6 thoughts on “Windows 10 & Sharp Images [IP 126]”

  1. Hello all, I am a regular listener and I really enjoy your podcast! I heard some interesting discussions today so I thought to jump in and comment. I suppose getting optimal sharpness is for many of us the “holy grail of photography”. I think that there is a couple of things that can improve sharpness (at least in my experience) that were not mentioned in the podcast. The first one is manual focus with live view when using a tripod (which gives you complete control over your focus point) and the second one is choosing an aperture close to the “sweet spot” of the lens you are using. These things seem important for optimal sharpness, would you agree or disagree?

    1. Jean… I totally agree.. the difference between shooting a lens wide open.. and stopping down a few stops is on most lenses.. HUGE. the sharpness difference on most lenses is often very dramatic between say f2.8 and f8.

      Manually focusing when on a tripod is another good point.. I think when this is the most important and beneficial is shooting at night. Our camera typically just cant focus on stars.. so its time to take it into manual, zoom in and do it ourselves.. great tips.

      1. Thanks for your answer Nick. I noticed also going from f16 to f8 for landscape and focusing on the middleground gives me a noticeable improvement for the middle and background, while the foreground becomes less sharp as expected. I prefer this look and will use focus stacking in the future to take it one step further 🙂

  2. I am sorry, I must say ta ta for now. Since Jim Harmer handed the steering wheel over to others the show has taken a dive. Jim IS Improve Photography….even his old sidekick who was pretty vanilla, was better than what is now. Jim, take over the show, inject your personality otherwise things will take a bad turn for you….I WILL miss you.


  3. Just a quick note about Mac OS vs Windows when using Photoshop. On a Mac, you can simple drag and drop a raw file and place as an embedded object where as with windows, you have a few extra steps. This is not to mention Mac OS just being a much smoother interface so it INDEED makes working in Photoshop much more user friendly! 🙂

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