How it Began: Back to Our Roots [PS13]

Erica, Nick, & Darin discuss when & where they got the photography bug, challenges of going pro, & lessons learned along the way!  The three also discuss a product they had to have in the beginning.  We thank the listeners/readers of Improve Photography for suggesting this topic!

What's in this episode:

  • How Nick turned a bad situation into a positive one by learning photography.
  • Darin's escape from his dead-end job to become a professional photographer.
  • Erica's passion for photography leads her to being the phenomenal image maker she is today.
  • The challenges one faces when first launching a photography business.
  • Hurdles to overcome when making the leap from part-time to full-time photographer.
  • Learning how to take in money from clients & be responsible with it.
  • Establishing a focus helps the aspiring become the accomplishing.
  • Marketing, social media, & contracts. – Oh my!
  • Tacking time from scheduling to delivery can really assist in assessing your worth.
  • A Full-Frame Camera is not going to make you a better photographer.  – The Canon 7D-MK II and the Nikon D7200 are wonderful APS-C (CropSensor) Cameras that will get you far!

Resources Mentioned:


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3 thoughts on “How it Began: Back to Our Roots [PS13]”

  1. Great idea for an episode, thank you. Love it and you are all an inspiration. Question, when starting out and just getting your first clients how did you handle inquires about pricing? Did you tell them verbally what you charged or did you have a pricing package sheet that you emailed to them? As a hobbyist, I’m not sure how to handle inquires about it as I’m not a full time professional and only do a few gigs here and there when it comes up.

  2. I know most of my first shoots came via facebook or a website, so most of my conversations were through emails and messages. So I would have a price list drawn up that I could simply copy and paste to them.

  3. I just wanted to commend you on such a FANTASTIC episode! I am already addicted to all of your podcasts, but this particular episode was helpful and majorly inspiring, particularly because I am also a teacher and am OBSESSED with learning as much as I can as quickly as I can. When my husband watches TV, I’m sitting beside him reading or taking a photography class. Now I can have some justification as to why. I hope to be in business by this time next year and know I will relisten to this episode again. Keep up the good work!!

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