New Nifty Fifty & Lightroom Redemption [IP 123]

Darin, Jeff, & Nick sit down to discuss Canon's new Nifty Fifty, Lightroom 6/CC's redeeming qualities, & photography news.  The three also discuss how social media is continuing to impact the life of the photographer.

What's in this episode:

  • Shooting through glass without reflections. – New software algorithms could be the answer!
  • Canon unveils the new Nifty Fifty with STM.  – Is it the budget-friendly lens we have been looking for?
  • Recent exchange between Facebook & popular photo shamer leads to some bad statements about Facebook owning images after upload.
  • Flickr gets a much needed facelift & includes a new search feature called ‘Shutterdial.' – Promising for lens purchase decisions & photography education.
  • SSD (Solid State Drives) can begin to lose data if not powered on for as little as seven days?
  • The Panorama & HDR features in Lightroom 6 & why Nick is loving them!


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10 thoughts on “New Nifty Fifty & Lightroom Redemption [IP 123]”

  1. Keith R. Starkey

    Hey all,
    Say, for some reason I can’t get the embedded audio to work for any of the podcast features (including Photo Taco, etc.). I use Firefox, and I haven’t found a fix yet (and believe me, I’ve been through the troubleshooting procedures!).

    So, is there a way to download all of the podcasts? I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to use iTunes, so I’m just wondering if there’s another way. Some sites allow you to right-click the player and download the file that way; yours doesn’t, I see.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. @Keith,

      I can’t figure out how it isn’t working for you. Clearly you are not alone as others have said they are also having trouble. I can’t make it fail, so I don’t know how to help fix it. Do you get any error messages?

      I just tried going to https://improvephotography.com/phototaco/ and pressing the play button in Firefox on my PC and it plays just great. It works great for me going to the page for IP episode 123 (https://improvephotography.com/33070/new-nifty-fifty-lightroom-redemption-ip-123/) as well when I hit the play button on the embedded player. If you want to download the shows yourself, trying clicking on the RSS links. The IP roundtable RSS link is https://improvephotography.com/category/roundtable/feed/ which allows you to click on a link and download the MP3 of the episode.

      1. Mary Richardson

        Jim, I also cannot play this eposide (IP 123) on my iPad, iPhone, nor Mac using Firefox for Safari. iTunes feed apparently has a limit of number of episodes or dates because it doesn’t show the episodes going back this far. I’m interested in what you think of the Canon 50mm STM lens. Can you summarize your opinion? I’d appreciate it. I am shopping for a 50mm for my crop sensor now. Thanks very much.

  2. Keith R. Starkey

    Thanks, Jeff. It’s not your site; I’m having this issue on other sites when trying to play embedded audio. I can’t even play an embedded video Firefox has for learning about add-ons. That’s weird! Oh well. I’ll download the files. Thanks.

  3. When I listened to this podcast, I expected real news about LR 6. In the previous podcast on LR 6 you lambasted the lack of speed improvement–along with some crashes and difficulty with the development module. So I have not downloaded the program yet based on that review. So, when I read redemption, I expected a solution, or change from your previous podcast. Please do let us know.

    1. The program is redeeming itself slowly. It took Adobe quite a while to come up with a new version and we feel it was a bit rushed. However, we will keep you posted when the wrinkles in the Lightroom fabric have been ironed out. I am doing what Jim is and running it on my Laptop and running Lr 5.7 on my big machine. Thanks for the feedback Denny!

      1. Thanks Darin, I listened this morning and will go that direction also. I learned at a camera club meeting from our LR guru that the less than stellar speed improvement was due to needing a new and fast graphics card which of course we don’t all have. On Apple machines it is not a problem, assume due to the retina display. Apparently, you can see in preferences if your card (on a PC) is adequate or not, and if not, that feature will be disabled.

        We also learned about install problems related to other Adobe products on your computer, which when removed allowed installation. This issue was for CC, so not sure about LR 6 itself, which a lot of us use.

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