Fix Lightroom CC/Lightroom 6 Not Runing After Update

Lr6CrashSeeing lots of chatter from photographers struggling to get the newly released Lightroom CC (4/21/2015) to run after it has been installed through the Creative Cloud App.  Doesn't seem to matter the platform, Mac or PC, there is a high chance that when you try to launch the program for the first time after updating it will do … well … nothing.  It crashes with no sign of anything.

If that is what you are experiencing, you have to use the Creative Cloud App to sign out and then sign back in.  Crazy I know, doesn't seem like that should have anything to do with Lightroom crashing when you try to launch it, but Adobe has posted the very instructions on how to do this here.

Bit of a black eye for the launch, but I still think it is easily the best option for photographers to manage and do most post-processing.

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  1. Another bug… lots of people are seeing a blue main screen with a white X through it. Mine did this, and it turns out this is graphics processor related. There are many fixes including turning off graphics acceleration, but for me acceleration is what I was looking for! After some digging, it turns out that many who have this error also have 2 graphics processors. It’s common with nVidia cards and Intel processors where the nVidia powers down and the Intel onboard graphics is used to save power. All I had to do was go into my nVidia settings and create a profile for the Lightroom 6 program (be careful you aren’t working on your lightroom 5 profile by mistake) where I told the computer to use the high performance nVidia instead of the onboard. That was it, complete Nirvana from here out! Specific method for getting your processor in gear may vary, but if you’re getting that blue screen, don’t shut down the graphics processor, kick it into gear!

      1. @Paulo,

        2009 iMac does not have two graphics processors, so it won’t be exactly the same thing that Kasey pointed out. However, that machine is pretty dated now and you probably won’t want GPU acceleration enabled. I would bet that the test the Adobe developers built into Lightroom CC will detect that it shouldn’t be enabled on the 2009 iMac, but it is worth checking to make sure it is off.

  2. Rui Pedro Silva

    First of all my specs are above the minimum requisites have a i5 2500K, 8gb of RAM and a 6950 HD with 2GB of VRAM and I also had problems with LR 6.1.
    I had a different problem, it crashed every time I flipped from developer to library, changed folders and then changed back again to developer. It would freeze and crash every single time I did it.
    I read online, one had to change the performance preferences settings and disable the use of the GPU. So I did, but every time I did it, it also crashed LR, and the selected option for the GPU didn’t stick.
    The solution I found was to cut/past my catalog to another folder and run LR again, this time because it didn’t found the catalog it asked for creating a catalog or import one. I selected the default catalog option, and because the LR doesn’t have any picture on screen it allows the disable option of the GPU with no problem. After that I pastd the catalog file to it’s previous/original folder and re-opened LR, and that was it (For now!).
    Shame the GPU acceleration doesn’t work…

  3. Hi,
    I recently bought and downloaded Lightroom as a standalone version on my MacBook Pro (2010 version) and the same thing happens; the program shuts down five seconds after launch. On before hand i downloaded the Creative Cloud application (free-trial-version).
    Well, I try to log out of CC like you have mentioned but no luck there because according to CC I´m still logged in (despite the fact that I repeatadly hit the “log ut” button). Also, when I try to find my Lightroom version in the “app” section of CC I get an error message stating that I got the wrong version and that I need to uninstall the current version off CC and download the “new” version. Well, I have tried this four times now (still the free-trial-version) but the same error message pops up when trying to find Lightroom in the app section.

    I’m fairly new to this so is there some other magical trick I can do, is this a Adobe Lightroom problem or am I the problem?

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