5 Things You Have To Shoot This Spring

Tired of winter? Well, spring is here!

Every season brings its own photographic opportunities. It’s time to take advantage of the change in season and get out and take some spring photographs!

Here are 5 things you have to shoot this spring.Mortlach Grain Elevator 20130714 SLB

Reflections of Beauty

With melting snow comes water… sometimes, a lot of water. Take advantage of that and get some shots that you ordinarily can’t get. Maybe there’s a flooded field near a tree, a hill, or an interesting building that you can reflect in a handy pool of water. A nice puffy white cloud in a blue sky looks great when it’s reflected and provides an interesting angle. Don’t overlook running water either – some runoff can provide an impromptu waterfall, often in an unusual place. Bring some rubber boots and get clicking!

Tip: Once you get your photographs with still water, try tossing a pebble or two in to get some ripple action.

Snow and Other Curse Words

Climate change seems to be causing weird weather in the world, and events like snow in Texas beg to be photographed! The “same old scene” looks a lot different with a dusting of snow on it, so seize the opportunity.

Blue sky photography is great, but foul weather photography doesn’t get enough attention. When March is going out like a lion, embrace the chance to photograph it. Photographing during a blizzard, heavy rain, and other severe weather is challenging and will give your photos extra drama and interest.

Tip: Use a plastic bag to protect your camera and cut a hole for the lens.

Flowers in NapaNew growth

Nothing says “spring” like the first growth of grass, flowers and leaves. Get in close and capture them. Some ideas:

  • The first buds sprouting from a tree branch;
  • The first blade of grass in a barren field;
  • The light haze of green over a forest

Get out early to capture that sweet morning light or take advantage of the longer days to include the new green with your sunset photos.

Tip: Photograph flowers early in the morning to capture the dew on their petals.

Kids at Play

There’s not much more joyous than kids playing outside after being cooped up inside all winter. Take the opportunity to photography them enjoying the nice weather:

  • Splashing in puddles;
  • Riding bikes;
  • Blowing bubbles;
  • Kicking a soccer ball around
  • At the playground

Of course, you should have permission to photograph the children!

New Projects / Portfolio Review

Spring is a time for renewal, so why not renew your photography? Take a good look at the type of photography you do. Is this the path you want to continue on? Or do you want to branch off and try something new? Dip your toe into a different area of photography to gain a fresh perspective, and maybe you’ll learn some techniques or attitudes that you can bring back to your core photography to freshen it up.

Now is a good time to look at your portfolio too. Examine each photo critically to decide if it represents you well. Maybe it was a good fit for you 5 or 10 years ago, but you may have moved on to different or better techniques and it doesn’t match what you are doing now. Also be sure when you add photos to your portfolio that you take others out! You want your portfolio to be concise and represent your very best work.  This website offers a very competitively priced portfolio review service that you should check out.  If you don't decide to use us, find someone you can trust to help you with that.

What are you going to shoot this spring?

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