10 Common Lighting Mistakes [IP 113]

Jim sits down with Darin Mellor & Nick Page to discuss exciting news from Canon, Nikon, & Sony!  The dynamic trio also share 10 Lighting Mistakes made by each of them as well as other peers in the industry.

What's in this episode:

  • Nikon D7200 Announced!
  • What are people really using NFC for with photography?
  • Is the Nikon D7200 an answer to the Canon 7D MK II?
  • Just because the ISO can go high does not mean you should take it there.
  • Nikon ME-W1 Waterproof Wireless Microphone:  Where does it come in handy?
  • Canon's New 11-24mm f/4L USM Lens – The world's largest rectilinear lens. – How sharp is it?
  • What color was the dress?  – What colors did Jim, Nick, & Darin see?
  • Sony announces four new FE Lenses. – FE is for their Full-Frame E-Mount system.
  • Is the A-Mount getting neglected as Alan Shadduck suggested?
  • 10 Common Lighting Mistakes we make and have seen other photographers make.
  • Why Flash Photography is an essential skill for many genres of photography & reignites that creative spark!



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11 thoughts on “10 Common Lighting Mistakes [IP 113]”

  1. Hey guys,
    great podcast as always, but just need to make a comment about when the show sidetracked into cooking. I think it was Darren who made the comment about a cinnamon sauce for pasta.

    Actually, a little pinch of cinnamon in a tomato sauce for pasta is amazing. It will make ’em go wow guaranteed!


    1. Haha yeah we went down that rathole, but it was fun. I will have to try a pinch of cinnamon when I make pasta again! Thanks Jim!

  2. great Show. Every time great to listen.

    The Amazon links on this page mostly do not work in europe. sometimes the product does not exist on Amazon.de or the link does simply not work.

    1. Please let us know which links are not working and we will be glad to try to provide you alternative links you can access in Europe. Thank you from tuning in from across the pond! 🙂

  3. Great Podcast as always! Welcome Nick… very nice having another perspective, I look forward to hearing more from you. Your photographs are amazing and I think you have a lot to offer the listeners (especially to the new portrait podcast I cant wait to hear)!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. This podcasting thing is fun 🙂 Its fun to be involved with such a great group, and amazing talents.. its an honor to be a part of the Improve Photography family

    2. Nick is an awesome person. Both Jim & I knew we had to have him on the show when he joined us on one of the Free Improve Photography Workshops in Oregon. He and Erica take some AMAZING photos and they are really going to help us all gain an edge in the craft. Thank you for your kind words Erika!

  4. NFC and wireless on the camera seems sort of useless, but once you’ve used it a bit, it comes in handy. On my Sony a6000, I use it when out shooting at parties — I get a good photo I want to share right away, I tap my Android phone to the side of my camera, and it fires up a wi-fi network and just transfers it over to the phone. Then I can do a quick adjustment and post it out from the phone. It also allows remote control functionality, but I don’t find that all that useful yet.

    1. Very cool. That could be very handy. I dream of the day we can just mount a mic on someone.. and have it wirelessly transmit to the camera, with no need of a receiver mounted to the top of the camera.

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