Shutter to Social Media in Seconds! [IP108]

Jim & Darin sit down to discuss BYU Staff Photographer, Jaren Wilkey's, blazing fast workflow enabling images to be uploaded to various mediums in mere minutes after shooting!  The dynamic trio also adds additional thoughts on the mirrorless system, specifically Jaren's Fuji XT-1.  Jaren has Darin and Jim back on the fence as he shares interesting insights into Back Button Focusing.

What's in this episode 

  • Jaren's Insanely Fast Wireless Workflow.
  • How does one become a staff photographer at a university?
  • The best ways to connect your camera to your iPad.
  • A look into how wireless workflows have evolved.
  • Jaren's thoughts on mirrorless technology & the exciting things Fuji is doing.
  • Tips & Tricks on Sports Photography from Jaren Wilkey.
  • Reasons to blow off the dust on your camera manual.
  • Thumb Focus/Back Button Focus versus Shutter Focus.  See which wins!
  • Fine tuning your focus & the application of doing so for different types of sports.
  • Sometimes you have to wear a helmet when shooting sports.  – Batter up!
  • How technology in general has changed the way we watch sports & the way sports images are captured.
  • Is the formal way of teaching photography at a university changing with technology?
  • The limitations of what can be taught in a traditional classrooms.
  • Viability of artsy photography when looking at what is going to sell.
  • Workshop's laser focus in helping you learn what you want to learn.

Resources Mentioned

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