Calling All Beginners!!! Start Here! HUGE Beginner’s Q&A Episode! [IP106]

Jim & Darin change things up a bit and niche things down to assist not only those just joining the podcast, but also for those in the beginning stages of photography.   Laser focus is given to breaking things down for newer photographers.   This is a great refresher for the intermediate and seasoned professional as well!

What's in this episode

  • Understanding the ‘Exposure Triangle'
  • An example of how Night Photography can really assist with learning fundamental skills.
  • How Shutter, Aperture, & ISO impact your images.
  • Aperture's relation to how much of the picture is in focus, which is also referred to as ‘Depth of Field'.
  • What is ISO & what does it do?
  • Not every shot is going to be our best.  – Why this is a good thing at times.
  • Shooting with others can teach you so much!  – Come shoot with us!
  • Using your histogram to check your exposure, and why this matters.
  • Going back and forth on using Back Button Focusing.
  • Tips & Tricks for photographing large groups.
  • White Balance, should I worry about it in-camera or what do I do to control it?
  • Can you give your clients too large of a file?
  • Resources for learning photography.
  • The best way to see if your sensor has dust on it.

Resources Mentioned

4 thoughts on “Calling All Beginners!!! Start Here! HUGE Beginner’s Q&A Episode! [IP106]”

  1. Your show was very good as usual. However there is a couple of things I think you missed when you were explaining basic photography to beginners. I have found that begining photographers get very confused when trying to understand f stops. It does not make sense the f4.0 is bigger than f16. What they need to remember is an f stop is a ratio or fraction. F4.0 is 1/4 open if the lens could open all the way and f16 is 1/16 open which is much smaller.
    You also told someone that they need to “step down” their f stop. That is common terminology to us, however they may not catch the meaning. I have ran into this many times. It is second nature to use whatever slang is common for the field we are in, but it can completly loose someone new to the field.

    1. Very good points James! Thank you for taking the time to comment on the show! I hope other beginners find the way we explained it, (coupled with your helpful comment), easy to comprehend. We all learn in different ways; so thank you for giving the listeners and readers an opportunity to comprehend something explained a bit differently.

      Kind Regards,


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