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  1. Liked the post and agree with all the tips because being selective with our work is very important to grow up…
    I never did the upgrade to the pro account because it was a way of controlling and make choices, now is 300MB but before was only 100MB which was a good exercise.
    However I still make wrong choices 😉

  2. Hi Jim, I Agree 100% my workflow are more or less same like yours, when I download the picture to my computer I choose just the nice pictures of each sequence the other, go a way.. and then I make a 2nd pass and just c choose the winer,..

  3. Hey, Jim. I never paid attention to the amount I could upload per month on Flickr. I didn’t upload very many photos anyway. Even still, maybe a photo day, sometimes just 4 or 5 a week. But that’s not the cool part about Flickr Pro. I had the basic account for about six or seven months before I finally made the change. I didn’t regret it at all.


    Because you can see your stats. You mentioned in one of these articles about the amount of traffic going to your site. With Flickr Pro, you can see how many people are viewing your Flickr, which photos are being viewed, how many times, and WHERE THE TRAFFIC IS COMING FROM. That’s the best part. Oh, somebody googled “light painting” and found my Flickr from that? Cool.

  4. Refreshing to hear. I wish more people would adhere to your info. When I was teaching film I told the students to shoot a roll of 36. When you get the prints back make 3 piles of quality: yes, no, maybe. Take the no’s and throw them away. Place the rest in a drawer and look at them after a week. Do the same process. Wait another week and the same process. By the end you should have maybe 2 or 3 photos that are a yes. Go ahead and enlarge those. Same holds true with digital, you just have more “no” images to throw away. The important thing is to walk away and look at them later after the emotional attachment has worn away.

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