Massive Photography Q&A Episode [IP105]

Jim & Darin sit down to answer some questions posed to the Improve Photography Facebook Page on January 5, 2015.   We received an overwhelmingly positive response; so we decided to break this down into multiple episodes.  In this Edition of the Improve Photography Podcast we answer questions about Lighting, Portrait, Landscape, & Wildlife Photography questions.


What's in this episode

  • Tips on how to protect your gear from sudden shifts in temperature.
  • Thoughts on HDR Photography & how to properly a desert landscape shot.
  • Best approaches for capturing photos of the moon & exposing it correctly.
  • Are there go to camera settings for outdoor photography? – Jim's response!
  • How to blur out water with a long exposure.
  • ISO and how it can impact the detail in your architectural landscape shots.
  • Is one in-camera picture style better than any others?
  • What is Banding and how do we reduce or eliminate it?
  • Best suggestions for online photography classes…
  • Using the correct flash power settings to get the most of of your speed light.
  • Placing & posing groups during portrait shoots.
  • The ceiling is not as high as you think. – Tips & Tricks for bouncing light.
  • Soft Box tips to get you started!
  • Gel-Shifting has returned to the Improve Photography Podcast!
  • Concert photography.
  • Flash Triggers.  Do I need a pair or will one do the trick for my YN560 Flash!
  • Green screen or chroma key photography. – Why Jim avoids it.
  • All things catch lights.


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