Answering Photography Questions [IP102]

Jim & Darin do an experiment by answering from fans of the Improve Photography Facebook Page as they rolled in when recording.  Usually Jim & Darin go in-depth with our answers, but we wanted to try something new in this episode to keep you on your toes!

What's in this Episode:

  • Working with Layers in Photoshop.
  • Shooting now & not worrying about cleaning your tripod after the shoot.
  • Getting rid of motion blur when shooting moving subjects while indoors.
  • Our thoughts on Peter Lik's $6.5 Million print.
  • Jim & Darin discuss Advertising, Marketing, & Customer Conversion Issues.
  • Shooting sports though a fence successfully.
  • Working with the background you have or buying a flash/studio setup.
  • The best way to share photography products with family & friends.
  • Getting a little more reach with telephoto and super telephoto lenses without breaking the bank.
  • Thoughts on constant light versus flash?  Which is better for beginning photographers?
  • Jim & Darin's dream photo shoot if we had an unlimited budget or unlimited time.
  • The importance is learning photo editing programs like Adobe's Photoshop, Lightroom, & Bridge.
  • Getting your name out there through your established network of family & friends to sell your work.
  • The differences between macro lenses & regular lenses.
  • How to get a legal contract for clients.
  • Who owns the images when a sports photographer shoots a high school game?  When do you need a model release?
  • If a Sony went bankrupt; would it be a good idea to buy their cameras?
  • Tips for taking photos in the cold temperatures & how to protect your camera from temperature changes.
  • Why friends don't let friends use teleconverters.
  • Thoughts on GoPro entering the photography market.
  • The needs for filters in Landscape Photography.
  • Shooting Flash Portrait Photography at night.

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  1. Hey guys, I clicked the link in the show notes for the Improve Photography Travel Group and it is showing me a page for a flash photography workshop that took place in 2013. Am I missing something (other than that workshop)? Thanks for the help.

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