A New Perspective – An Interview with Tony Northrup [IP98]

Jim & Darin sit down with the very talented author, video-blogger, instructor, & professional photographer Tony Northrup to gain a new perspective on the Nikon vs. Canon debate.  Tony shares his thoughts on mirrorless systems, 4K video, & more.

What's in this episode:

  • Benefits & drawbacks for Nikon & Canon's DSLR Lens & Camera lineup with predictions of what may be to come.
  • Knowing the when, where, why, & how a DSLR or ‘mirrorless' camera is going to benefit or hinder a photographer.
  • Why wanting to switch from Nikon to Canon (or the other way around) is all relative to the type of photos being shot.
  • Whether it is better to pick a body & find the best lens for it; or whether it is more beneficial to pick a lens & find the best body to work with it.
  • Discussing how APS-C sensors are different from Full-Frame sensors, but the context dictates which sensor is the right choice.
  • The importance of finding someone to help you with your photography & is also someone willing to grow with you as an image maker.

Resources Mentioned:


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