15 More Landscape Photography Tips We Learned This Week [IP91]

Jim & Darin sit down to discuss 15 More Landscape Photography Tips we learned this week.  Each week Darin & Jim take note of lessons learned, new techniques, & tips that we hope will assist Landscape Photographers improve their photography skills.  Please join us for a continued discussion on Landscape Photography Tips.

What's in this episode

  • Comfort plays a large role in the patience needed to wait for the best lighting.
  • 10,000 Image Challenge & why it can help you start to see photography ideas all around you.
  • Why looking at images from other photographers will end up inspiring you.
  • The best way to shoot a waterfall for composition while keeping your lens as dry as possible.
  • How tossing some leaves into a stream can give your low-flow waterfall photo some much needed color & interest.
  • Darin discusses why watching your footing should always be a top priority.
  • Jim explains how safety is more important than the shot.
  • An update on Apple's 27” iMac featuring a 5K Display & whether it is worth the money.

Resources Mentioned

5 thoughts on “15 More Landscape Photography Tips We Learned This Week [IP91]”

  1. Keith R. Starkey

    Hello all,

    Say, it would be great if you folks would do a podcast on the use of older lenses; not as far back as, say, film-camera lenses, but the mixing and matching of older AF-Ds (and even further back), for instance, with the modern bodies of today. Addressing the technique of manually focusing, setting the aperture, etc., when using older lenses would be great.


    Keith R. Starkey

  2. Thank you guys for your tips on photographing waterfalls! I was just shooting in White Mountains in New Hampshire 3 weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if shooting a waterfall with a 50mm lens on a crop sensor camera is a good idea, but it looks like it actually works! Here is one of the pictures from that trip:

    Thanks for helping us improve our photography!

    Michal Slawiec

  3. Note regarding the Cliksit alternative that it’s supported weight is almost half that of the Cliksit which is a big differentiator for many men

  4. William McCraney

    Hello Jim Harmer and Darin Mellor my name is William McCraney. I’m a truck driver throughout the week and on the weekend im a photographer. I listen to your podcast every week. I’ve been listening for about 6 months. Today heard a person that submitted a question about his photos. After he have processed them that they were coming out not sharp and kind of muddy. I had a similar problem myself and the problem was using the wrong color space to save my photos I was using Prophoto RGB. Now I make sure that all my photos are converted into sRGB I hope that this is the solution to the problem also too I would like you both to check out my photos on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/William-Mc-Craney-Photography/478829355565666 and just give me your thoughts on it thank you in advance

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