It’s finally here! How to Create Your Own Photography Portfolio Website in 10 Minutes or Less

I have been working to find the ideal photography portfolio website for years, and I think I have finally found the perfect solution for me.  In this video, I share with you the 9 Deadly Sins of Photography Portfolio Websites, and a step-by-step solution for creating a stunningly beautiful photography website of your own!  To learn about what makes a great photography portfolio site, and to see how to create one of your own, watch the video below!

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  1. The photos on your site aren’t protected… how do you recommend protection from right click copying or dragging to the desktop to copy?

    1. @Shawn – I just hadn’t done it yet on the website, but it is now fixed. The pictures are protected from being right clicked and downloaded. I’m making a “part 2” video today to show some of the more advanced features, but the way you do it is to go to the dashboard where you make changes to your site, then click plugins, then click add new, then search for a plugin called No Right Click Images Plugin. Install and activate that plugin, then go to Settings, then choose the settings for the plugin you want, and you’re set to go!

  2. Haha! I totally use woothemes a well and totally reccomend them! I use the canvas theme and customized my site and their support forum is awesome! If you want to see another site using their themes check out http://moderncharmphotography.com. Some pages are in the process of being updated, but it is all so easy!

  3. @Lindsey – I don’t know if Jim recommends them – but I have used a ProPhoto Blog (www.prophotoblogs.com) for a couple of years for both my former business site (www.OtherThanRoses.com) and my newer personal photo blog (www.MelindaLedsome.com).

    It isn’t “cheap”, but it is pretty sweet!

  4. One of the things I like about smugmug is the photo processing for prints–in my experience, they do a great job. So what are your plans for prints? If you’re selling only a small number of fine-art prints, that might be a different need from photographers who want to post a gallery full of photos from an event and allow people to order online. Suggestions on how to integrate a quality lab for purchases?

  5. This is just awesome. I’ve NEVER been happy with my website so I’ve been using my blog…thank you sooo much! Going to go create a new website right now.

  6. I am a smugmug user, and so far have been pleased with the service and such. I love their layouts for the galleries, and you do have near infinite customization options. But you are right in that it can be pretty difficult to make things happen the way you want.

    Similar to Ellen Finch’s comment, how would you go about selling these prints? You can make a pricelist, but does this host and option cover all of that? The pricing options, photo selection and money handling? That is one benefit I do like about Smugmug, though to be clear, I have not personally implemented this as it is a Pro account option, not the Power one which I have.

    I don’t mind the extra 3 bucks over what this option costs per month exactly, but I am always considering better options and easier options as my coding skills are minimal. So I found this very interesting and well done, something for me to think about.

    Are you able to view html, css and javascript code to make minor changes if you wanted?

    Would your option work for full on gallery and business front? Or is it more intended for a portfolio where it just shows off your best/favorite work and not necessarily a store front?

    Thanks for all the work you do, this site is pretty damn cool, and you do such a great job.

  7. Like you, I had a hard time creating just the right site for my photography site. I ended up using WordPress and one of the premium themes. So far so good, but the mobile option is tricky.

    Great idea about the SEO tips. I have some text on my site, but not enough. I really need to learn more about SEO.

    Thanks for all the great tips.

  8. I have been using Wix.com until I could find something that allowed me to be a little more creative. I love the sites bludomain offers, but do not like the expense nor the limited options available. Jim, thank you for putting together this tutorial. I am really looking forward to Part 2.

  9. Hey Jim,
    Loved the tutorial and I will probably use it. The one thing I didn’t get out of it thought was how you got your domain into a wordpress site. In fact you didn’t really mention wordpress, but it is easy to see that you are using that to build your site. Could you give any tips on how to set up from the start on wordpress and the cost involved with that?

  10. Great tutorial Jim, I have just one question.
    Do I need to have a pro account on wordpress to install a custom theme?
    Currently I have a simple testing blog and I don’t see an option to “install theme” like I did on your video.
    I’m very interested in going this route as I’m looking for a change from my smugmug site.

  11. Great site, great video.

    But I think it’s a bit funny that your site is “still under some construction” after boasting “how to build a web site in 10 minutes”

    1. All I can say is that I’ve tried several hosting companies and Hostmonster is the only one I’ve been happy with for shared hosting. I call their support and they actually pick up the phone, they have a great price, website runs fast, NEVER had the server down, etc. I’ve tried several other companies that stunk, but I’ve loved Hostmonster for the last 3 years that I’ve been a paying customer.

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