Recording of the 2011 Portrait Photographer of the Year Webinar

Watch live streaming video from improvephotography at livestream.com

FAST FORWARD ABOUT 5 MINUTES FOR WHEN THE WEBINAR ACTUALLY STARTS!!!!  IT STARTED THE RECORDING TOO SOON.  In this video, I critiqued the finalists in the portrait photographer of the year competition and announced the winner.  I also gave TONS of tips on what makes a great portfolio website for photographers.

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5 thoughts on “Recording of the 2011 Portrait Photographer of the Year Webinar”

  1. Perhaps just me, but the audio is definitely not in sync with the video. Video quality is fantastic though. Only about 9 minutes in though and looking forward to all the stuff ahead.

  2. Hey Jim… I attended the webinar the other night. Thank you! I plan to do more to improve my skills.

    What are you using to do the livestream? Showing yourself and the websites? The company I work for may want to do this and I’m thinking yours might work!


  3. @Jennie – I use livestream.com for the webinar. I liked livestream, but there were some bugs in the system. I’m considering ustream.com for the next webinar.

  4. I’m enjoying this immensely (50 mins into it) and I wanted to thank you for mentioning that there were suggestive images on the website, and not showing them. I really appreciate that. It’s very nice not to have to worry about what I’m going to see when I’m watching a photography video, and nice to know you’ll be careful about what you put up. Thanks!

  5. Will you be doing portrait photographer website contests like this in the future? I missed the deadline! 🙁 Thanks for all the helpful tips though, I always enjoy reading through your posts.

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