$5 Photography accessory will save your bacon

In Gear by Jim Harmer

Get out your wallet.  Trust me on this one… you need this little thing.  Your camera costs hundreds or thousands of dollars and you often go out shooting where you're away from shelter.  One little rain storm could be the end of your DSLR or lenses.  We all put buying a DSLR rain sleeve off thinking we won't need it, but it is a life saver when you need it.

DSLR rain sleeves are good for more than just rain.  They can be handy when going from cold to warm places to reduce condensation on the lens, they can protect your camera from dusty environments, and they can also help in the snow.

When you buy a DSLR rain sleeve, you'll have the option of buying a serious permanent DSLR rain cover for around $30 that can be re-used many many times, or you can buy the little disposable DSLR rain sleeves kind for about $5.  It's really up to you, but either way… save your photography gear.  It's cheap insurance.

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