Lessons Learned with the Improve Photography Travel Group [IP67]

In this episode, Jim talks about the lessons he learned shooting with the Improve Photography Travel Group last week in Oregon, and discusses night photography.

What's in this episode

  • The new Sony a77 II DSLR announcement and Jim's thoughts
  • Selecting the perfect composition for landscape photography
  • How to reduce noise in high ISO night photos (and the answer is NOT the “noise reduction” feature in Lightroom and Photoshop!)
  • Jim announces that he will sell his Lightroom presets for the Black Friday price again next week.  It is the second and last time they will ever be available at the reduced price, so watch the site next week (first week of June) for the deal to pop up).  They have been sold for $450 for the last seven months, but next week he'll sell them for the ridiculously awesome price of $39.  Watch this video to see what his Lightroom Presets can do.
  • and more!

Resources mentioned in this episode

  • The Improve Photography email Newsletter is getting a huge revamp this week.  Jim is going to send out three newsletters per month, and it will include one of his recent photos and an exact step-by-step tutorial on how he took the photo and post-processed it.  Join the free newsletter here to get this resource.
  • Income School, Jim's new website and podcast about blogging and podcasting to earn a living from home.
  • Join the Improve Photography Travel Group.  Join the group for the Iceland trip here.  Photography workshops are really expensive, so I'm going on these trips with readers of Improve Photography all around the world to give you a workshop-like experience for free!  It doesn't cost anything to go on a trip with the travel group–just pay for your own travel expenses and come join us.
  • Submit Questions for the Podcast

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4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned with the Improve Photography Travel Group [IP67]”

  1. Hey Jim…thanks for another great podcast. I’m definitely interested in your new newsletter. I already subscribe to the Improve Photography newsletter and am wondering if the new format means I need to re-subscribe?

  2. Hi Jim – you mention that you have to grab a bag, battery, and memory card and you are ready to go…is there a problem leaving these items in the camera – beyond having a full card or depleted battery of course.

  3. Hi Jim,
    You mentioned that you would provide a link to the script used for the star scape image taken by a fellow photographer on the trip.
    Is it available please?

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