6 Tips for Perfect Wedding Photos

Every bride wants to have the perfect wedding; this includes flower arrangements all the way to the car driven after the couple has been married. Once the day is over, photographs help the happy couple look back on the day they began their lives together. Hiring the right photographer is crucial when wanting a beautiful memento of your wedding. Epsom portrait photographers are available to provide excellent photos. In order to receive the quality and style, you need to assess the requirements placed on the photographer. Being able to explain exactly what you want will help ensure the photographer is on board with the wedding photo project. Follow these tips to make a list of the type of photos you would like to have:

  • Plan for the perfect atmosphere for the couple photo.
  • Do not tie up the photographer with different combinations of people for different photos. Take large group photos with action to bring in more meaning, and less time.
  • Take bridal portraits with an aesthetically pleasing background to bring out the dress.
  • Capture the ambiance of the ceremonial location.
  • Ensure your pictures are aesthetically pleasing by picking different shades of the same hue for gowns and backgrounds.
  • Do not be too strict against error. Some pictures with a small imperfection normally turn out to be the best ones. They give real life to the entire album.

Tip #1: Perfect Atmosphere – Take a Bride and Groom Romantic Shot

Bride and groom

Every married couple must have a romantic shot. Romantic shots typically include the husband kissing the wife or caressing each other to display undying love. The atmosphere should not take away from the couple in the photograph; however, it should add a sense of bliss.

Take this couple for example. The groom is kissing his wife upon her forehead. The action of kissing one on the forehead displays love and a sense of protection. It is a sign of affection that is common for the husband to display for his wife. Keeping this in mind, in the photograph, the kissing couple is displayed in the center of the photo.

The greenery presents a calming and blissful appearance for the background. The leaves are the only items in the photo besides the couple. With the leaves being the only objects in the photo, the atmosphere takes on a focused, blissful appeal. Keep the background simple and aesthetically pleasing.

 This is a wonderful photo to be placed inside a wedding frame for the home. They will look upon this photo for years to come and remember the way they felt that day and they will be reminded of the romantic feeling they have for one another.

Group people at wedding dance.

Tip #2: One Picture with Entire Group – Get Bridal Party Action Shots

Action shots do not lie. If you look closely in this picture, you can really see the happiness in the faces of the bride and groom. Now, look at the wedding party. They all exhibit excitement and happiness as well.

Having action pictures taken of the wedding party will ensure when looking back upon this day, you will remember how everyone was excited for you and your partner. With every picture a story is told, action shots will help tell the story of your wedding. Keeping this in mind, do not try to get different combinations of different family members. This will tie up your photographer.

Wedding. Beautiful bride

Tip #3: Do Not Forget Bridal Photos – Bridal Portraits

Photos should be taken of the bride alone. You have spent a lot of time finding the perfect dress, and then tailoring the elegant gown. Taking pictures of the ceremonial dress should be done by a professional.

If you look at this photo, the senses of bliss, warm, and happy are all wrapped into one elegant photo with the focal point of the bride. Standing out in the open serves this bride well in her venture of acquiring the perfect bridal shot. She is holding her bouquet and has her dress on full display. No doubt that this photograph will be on display in her home for many years.

matrimonio in chiesa

 Tip #4: Capture the Ambiance – Take Pictures of the Church or Hall

To ensure years later you will remember your perfect day; take perfect wedding photos of the place you held the ceremony. Ensure that a picture of the aisle in which you walk down is captured in time with a lovely photo.

Viewing this picture proves to be aesthetically appealing due to the ambiance. The atmosphere is clean due to the white, yet soft since the white is an off white and not too bright. The couple is featured in the center of the room where they spoke their vows. This is not only an environmental shot, but is also a romantic one as well. The more the couple is featured in the photographs, the more memorable they will be. The photographer will view your location prior to the wedding time or date to ensure the angles are perfect to capture the atmosphere and ambiance.

Bride Holding Bouquet with Bridesmaids in Background

Tip #5: Aesthetically Pleasing – Pictures with Bride and Bride’s Maids

With every wedding comes the beautiful and happy bride’s maid. It is important to take a picture with your maids for a great memory to add to the wedding album. Memories fade; pictures will remind you on who was there through the whole wedding chaos.

If you notice these ladies are all in a soft yellow and the bride is located in the middle of the group. The atmosphere is of the same hue, but presents a different shade. The picture gives an overall appearance of fun and yellow. However, since the shades of the hue are different, the ladies stand out in the center of the picture. You will need to choose the overall hue prior to your wedding.

Newlyweds' Legs in a Car

Tip #6: Have a Little Fun

Face it, not everything will be entirely perfect. This is alright as long as you allow room for error. If you look at this photo, you will see that the children were to present a sign as they walked down the aisle. The sign is dragging the ground and it is also unlevel. However, the imperfections of this picture present an adorable sense of happiness and pride. These two small children will look back upon this photo with the bride and groom and remember exactly how wonderful the day was.

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