What Every Photog Should Know About Light [IP58]

What's in this episode

  • Lessons learned from shooting with a group of Improve Photography readers last week
  • Using ETTL flash and manual flash in tandem
  • If photographers need to worry about using gray cards
  • A quick tip review of the YN568 flash
  • Setting your ISO for flash photography
  • and more!

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8 thoughts on “What Every Photog Should Know About Light [IP58]”

  1. Used to listen IP with MP3 player when walking outside… Why the episodes are not downloadable anymore??

    One of my favorite photo podcasts, by the way. 🙂

    1. @Just Me – I didn’t realize that this player doesn’t have a download button. I’ll fix it for you.

  2. Thanks Jim! And immediately after leaving my first comment, I noticed there do is a download link, in right sidebar. 😉

  3. I was glad to hear you talk about white balance and mention the ExpoDisc. I use it myself. It’s not quite as simple to use as the manufacturer’s website would have you believe, but you do get the hang of it. I can understand why you feel it’s an unnecessary expense, Jim, but I’d like to offer a counterpoint.

    I’m colorblind. Your point about developing an “eye” through practice with Lightroom’s temperature sliders is probably right for many people, but for some of us there’s a low ceiling to our sheer capability, no matter how much we practice. And there are lighting situations that trick even modern cameras. Try shooting food photography inside restaurants with auto white balance. Eighty percent of the time, your shots will come out cast with yellow or orange. It just doesn’t work.

    The ExpoDisc helps immensely. I’m not sure it always solves the problem perfectly (sometimes I feel like it errs blue?), but it gets miles closer than the camera software. Lightroom has a decent “auto” white balance algorithm, and using it on ExpoDisc-ed files yields a much better result for me than trying to pair it with the camera’s auto in those tricky lighting situations. If you’re colorblind, and/or you shoot often in mixed or low light, then I’d recommend giving the ExpoDisc a try.

  4. Hi Jim,

    I think I disagree about the color, image quality etc. on full frame cameras not being that important…I would suggest that your listeners are very much on the “highest image quality” track in their photographic pursuits. And for that reason they may really want their images to be of the highest technical quality as soon as they can afford it. I know I followed that path years ago. Otherwise, they wouldn’t really bother with a photography podcast, would they?

    I really enjoy your podcasts for the ideas, tips etc. that I use with my photography students here in Colo. Keep up the good work.


    PS: the /travelgroup link you mentioned in the podcast is failing.

  5. Hi,
    I have trouble finding the travel group on Facebook. Am I too stupid ?
    Would love to participate !

    1. @Tom – We had to make it a secret group because we were getting spammed like crazy. Email us at [email protected] and go friend my personal page “Jim Harmer” and I can add you that way.

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