Q&A on Improving Your Photo Skills [IP46]

What's in this episode

  • When you need to use more than one flash for shooting a group.
  • How to nail the exposure for different skin colors and types.
  • Choosing a point-and-shoot camera for discerning photographers.
  • When to choose matte, glossy, metallic, or luster for your photo prints.
  • Okay… this one got a bit controversial but Jim gives his opinion on whether or not a photography college is a good investment for those who want to become professional photographers.
  • How to get started using Lightroom.
  • What Jim would change in the photography industry if he had a magic wand.
  • and more!

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7 thoughts on “Q&A on Improving Your Photo Skills [IP46]”

  1. Thank you for putting the podcasts together. However, I much preferred the format offered previously where the highlights of each podcast was transcribed. I’m not able to spend a lot of time viewing online videos – so I haven’t seen the content of the last few podcasts – reading the highlights was more beneficial. Please consider transcribing the highlights again. Thanks.

    1. @Eric – Thank you for your suggestion. We actually don’t offer the podcast as a video. It’s downloadable audio that you can listen to as you work or commute. We really thought about continuing the transcriptions, but they are just too expensive to produce.

  2. Wow! I was really surprised that the U/I on flashes would be one of the things you would change. I guess my experience has been different than yours. I started with a Canon 600-EX-RT flash, which I think has a decent, if not great, interface, and then added on some YungNuo flashes. I think the YN interface stinks. Maybe it’s just the model I have (the 565), but it is much more confusing than my Canon flash’s interface.

    (Having looked at my friends’ Nikon flashes, I think they have the best interface).

  3. Whoah, you confused me there: the filename from the download comes out as episode47.mp3, though it’s actually episode 46.

    As ever, the efforts are very much appreciated.

  4. Hello Jim,

    Learning Lightroom 5 is at the top of my list for things to do this year. I’d like to take your class! I would have to start the class a couple of days late, but I will have time to double up to catch up for those days. Will that work with the class structure?


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