Joel Grimes on Developing Your Style [IP44]

Joel Grimes
Joel Grimes

World famous photographer Joel Grimes shares how to develop your own unique style in photography, how he got out of a rut in his career, and his tips and techniques for shooting 32 bit photos, strobing HDRs, and more in episode 44 of the Improve Photography Podcast.

What's in this episode

  • How Joel Grimes got in a rut where clients stopped calling him–and more importantly–how he reimagined his photographic style to become one of the hottest photographers around.
  • How shooting in 32 bit can add smoothness and detail to your photos.
  • Strobing HDR images using today's newest technology.
  • How to develop your personal style in photography.
  • How photographers can make a name for themselves and get their photos noticed.
  • and more!

Joel Grimes's Gear List

Camera: 5D Mark III

Favorite Lens: Canon 17mm Tilt Shift

Tripod: ANY tripod and ballhead made by Really Right Stuff (and that's a direct quote from him!).  He says the Really Right Stuff Tripods and ballheads will last FOREVER!

Favorite Camera Bag: Think Tank Airport International

Favorite Flash: Einstein Studio Strobes

Resources mentioned in this episode

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4 thoughts on “Joel Grimes on Developing Your Style [IP44]”

  1. Congratulations on this great interview. I really enjoyed the structured, intelligent, and in-depth questioning that I might expect from a great lawyer. Further, your enthusiasm was clearly felt by Mr. Grimes who responded with enthusiasm and intelligence, his claim to not being very intelligent notwithstanding.

    Thanks for this great interview!

  2. Thank you very much for this podcast! Joel Grimes is my favorite photographer! I love his LIT UP series as well! This podcast was a great listen and I love his ease of explaining and practicality as well as his experimenting to find new things. He’s humble and an excellent photographer to strive to be like both in quality and professionalism!

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  4. I felt like the format was good, but only because it was the same as another podcast – “Shoot For Thrill.” I also miss Dustin in the original format, so even though it was a great interview, the IP podcast has been lacking.

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