The worst place to shoot wildlife photography

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What is it?  What's the worst place to shoot wildlife photography?  If you're thinking the zoo, then you'd be dead wrong.  The truth is that the worst place to shoot wildlife photography is where most people would think is the best place to shoot wildlife photos.

Confused?  Allow me to explain.  Whenever I teach wildlife photography workshops, the students always ask where they can plan a trip so they can do some wildlife photography.  They think the optimal location for wildlife photography is deep in the woods or dozens of miles into the Everglades.

If you have ever been in these extremely rustic areas, you know that animals are significantly more wary of people in the burbs than they are in inhabited areas.

It often takes considerable work to get within 50 yards of a deer in the mountains, but it is common to get that close when in a public place like a state park camping ground.  The critters are accustomed to seeing people in these spots, so they aren't alarmed by photographers.

Obviously, the principle applies to more than deer.   Although Florida is a main attraction for bird photographers, I have found that here in Florida some of my favorite spots to shoot birds are at the most commonly visited beaches.

This isn't always true, but if you enjoy wildlife photography… consider giving this technique a second thought.  I bet your backyard or city park is full of animals that you would never have imagined live there and allow you to approach.

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