Get Started in Flash Photography [IP42]

Once a photographer learns the basics of photography (focus, shutter, aperture, ISO, etc), his or her photos usually look perfect from a technical standpoint.  They no longer have focus or sharpness issues, and they have started using depth-of-field.  At this point, the photos look good from a technical point of view but they don't yet have that “professional flair” that other photographers have.

In this episode, Jim recommends that photographers who feel they are at this point in their photography should (1) Learn Photoshop/Lightroom to digitally style their photos, and (2) Learn lighting.  Lighting is what really sets a professional apart from the many “acceptable” photos that most photographers take.

In addition to the quick start guide, Jim also answers photography questions from listeners around the world who are getting started in flash photography and have questions.

What's in this episode

  • The gear needed to get started in flash photography (including Jim's $70 flash recommendation).
  • How to set up a flash to shoot off camera.
  • How to set up a home studio on the cheap.
  • How to shoot with shallow depth-of-field even when you are at your flash sync speed,
  • The flash duration of most popular flash brands.
  • How to mix and match different brands of flashes.
  • and more!

Resources mentioned in this episode

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  1. Hi, the link to how to use a magic mouse on a PC appears to be broken. Thanks for your weekly podcast!

  2. Christopher Stout

    Hi Jim, a cool mouse trick that you can use on OS X without an Apple mouse is hold shift while scrolling and it will switch from vertical to horizontal. Huge help for those like me that prefer a trackball mouse. Thanks for all you do. Your site is incredibly informative and useful.

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