Amazon is Selling Lightroom 3 for $119 Today!!!!!

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Lightroom 3 is a program made by Adobe, the makers of Photoshop.  I usually recommend that photographers buy Lightroom 3 rather than Photoshop as your first image editing software choice because it is MUCH easier to use, faster, and perfectly capable for making 95% of the edits that most photographers make.  Photoshop is really for making major changes to a photo or in-depth changes.  If you don't own it, this is a MUST HAVE for any photographer.

Anyway, Lightroom 3 is on sale at right now for $119!!!!  When you get to the page, it shows that it costs $206, but if you look to the right hand side at the individual sellers, it is available from Amazon for $119.  Here's a link to this INCREDIBLE deal.

I have no idea how long this deal will last.  This is NOT the education version of the software.  I haven't ever seen Lightroom priced so low… ever!

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  1. Hi Jim,
    I saw that you will be offering a Photoshop course and I was wondering if you will also be offering a Lightroom course? I have a really old version of Photoshop(7.0) and I can’t afford to buy the newest version at this time. I tried a trial of Lightroom and I think that it would be alot faster to do my editing in Lightroom and is more affordable.


    1. Author

      @Sherry – Yes, I’ll do a Lightroom course but it could take me a while to get it created…

  2. Great! Thanks. I am hoping to take your portrait photography course in March. I already have everything. I just can’t get the lighting set up right, especially to evenly light a white paper background.

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