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Hey guys!

Thanks for listening to my Improve Photography Podcast.  This is where you can submit questions to appear on the show.  You’re welcome to submit as many questions as you like, but please do them in separate recordings as it makes it much easier for me to put together the questions for the show.

I’m currently only accepting audio questions for the podcast, as it makes the show more fun to hear from other listeners around the world.

3 Ways to Ask Your Question

2. Record MP3 and Email









How to ask your question

Traditional: This will help the listeners to get to know each other a bit better.
“Hi, my name is [state your name] and I’m from [city, state] and my question is….”

Self-Promotion: If you have a photography website and you’d like to give yourself a little plug, you’re more than welcome to say something.
“Hi, I’m [state your name] from [your website or photo business name] and I live in [city, state].  My question is…”

See you on the show!

You’re more than welcome to submit as many questions as you like as long as you record each message separately.  This makes my job of selecting questions much simpler.

Thanks everybody!

Jim Harmer

Comments from the I.P. Community

  1. says

    The page is not very easy to find. Maybe you can make a dropdown point at Podcast in the menu, so it would be easier to find and you have more questions to answer (;

  2. Alan says

    I’m curious to know why after all the talk about photoshop, gimp, pixlr, picmonkey, and other photo editors, no one has mentioned or said anything about Corel Paintshop Pro Photo? I found it to be an excellent alternative to photoshop. The latest version is comparable to photoshop in every aspect. Yes, it is windows only software, but it is extremely good and easy to use. Any thoughts on this?

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