7 Essential Accessories for Every New Camera

There is a common debate among photographers that starts with, “The gear doesn’t make you a better photographer.” Yes, this is a true statement, but let’s be real with ourselves: there are some photography accessories that you simply must have. If you are going for the minimalistic gear line-up, these are you essential “must have” CONTINUE

5 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Camera Gear


Photographers are always looking for deals on cameras and other photography gear.  Unfortunately, there really aren’t many great deals available on the big ticket items like lenses and cameras.  However, you can save tons of money on photo gear by following a few rules of thumb that I have learned when purchasing gear. Tip #1: CONTINUE

DSLR vs. Micro 4/3 Cameras: Which is right for you?

Modern camera with a vintage lens isolated on white

Micro 4/3 cameras have become an extremely popular topic of discussion because they are not only smaller and lighter than most DSLRs on the market, but they also have DSLR-like features that have made several photographers scratch their heads and say, “I wonder….” Personally, I put an Olympus EM-1 (high-end micro four-thirds camera) in my CONTINUE

My 6 Favorite Inexpensive Canon Lenses


In the last few years, I have reviewed more lenses than you could possibly imagine.  My photography students are always asking which lens is right for them, so I spend a significant amount of time looking for lenses that offer superior quality at lower price points.  These are the best inexpensive Canon lenses I could CONTINUE