20 FANTASTIC Photography Accessories Under $100

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About this time a year ago, I wrote about the best photography accessories of 2011, and I think it’s time for an update for 2012 because this year I have found some really cool products, along with other products that remain my favorites.

Fantastic Accessory #1: Pec Pads  I can’t believe that more photographers haven’t discovered these!  I used to use microfiber cloths to clean my lenses and camera, but no matter what they advertise, it always ended up just getting more lint on my lenses.  Even if the cloth itself is lint free, it still gets lint on it from being tossed around in the camera bag.  Pec pads totally solve this problem because they are DISPOSABLE!  You can get a package of 100 for around $10 that will last for well over a year or more.  Buy PecPads on at B&H Photo or buy it on

Fantastic Accessory #2: Monoprice Graphics Tablet  Have you ever watched a photography video tutorial where the photographer used a Wacom Tablet instead of a mouse as he worked in Photoshop?  Graphics tablets are incredibly convenient for working on photos, but they are usually extremely expensive.  I got a tip from another pro photographer who recommended this Monoprice tablet.  I bought one and I’m convinced as a former Wacom owner–this cheap tablet is just as good or better and only costs $50.  Buy it from Monoprice or you can buy it from

 Fantastic Accessory #3: A 5-in-1 Reflector  These are used by portrait photographers to throw shade on the subject being photographed to avoid harsh shadows, and they also come with materials you can put on the large disc to reflect sunlight onto the face.  I use reflectors every single time I shoot portraits outdoors–no exceptions.  For $30, it’s an easy choice.  Buy it from B&H Photo or you can buy one from

Black Rapid RS-5

Fantastic Accessory #4: Black Rapid RS-5 Camera Strap  I have used and seen many many different camera straps, but this one continues to be my favorite.  It is a sling strap so the camera is out of your way at your side rather than attacking your neck.  Once you try a premium strap like this one, you’ll never use the stock strap again.  It’s like heaven for your neck–seriously!  It also has a pocket for business or memory cards.  Buy it at B&H Photo or get it on

Yn-560 II

Fantastic Accessory #5: The Famous YN-560 II Flash  If you’ve been reading for long, you know that I LOVE this flash!  I have used all of the expensive flash gear, but I keep coming back to the YN-560 speedlight flash.  It is a manual flash, which is the way that I (and most pro photographers I’ve worked with) prefer to shoot.  I own A LOT of them!  For 2012, this flash has been updated with the version II.  Buy this amazingly inexpensive flash on

Fantastic Accessory #6:  Photoshop CS6  WHAT!??!?!  Photoshop CS6 for under $100?  It used to be that photogs had to shell out over $600 for Photoshop, but Adobe recently introduced Creative Cloud, where you can pay $49.99 per month and get access not just to Photoshop, but all of the Adobe products in the master collection (Illustrator for graphics, Indesign for layout, Premiere for video, etc).  Obviously, it violates our under $100 rule to include this since you have to pay each month, but it’s still a great deal that removes an enormous barrier to entry.  And if you figure out the price, it’s actually quite the good deal compared to buying all those programs.  Get Creative Cloud from Adobe.

Rogue Flashbender

Fantastic Accessory #7: The Rogue Flashbender  I have tested many different on-camera flash diffusers, and most of them are no better than Tupperware.  On-camera flash diffusers attach to a speedlight flash and help diffuse and direct the light so that it looks a bit better than the ugly direct flash from a speedlight mounted on the camera.  While I think most of these are over-priced marketing ploys, the Rogue Flashbender is truly unique.  Dustin got me converted on this little gem while shooting a video for our online portrait photography class, and now I’m hooked!  The Rogue Flashbender acts as a little softbox with a diffusion panel, a snoot to direct the light, and the world’s best bounce card.  For just $30 or so, the Flashbender is amazing!  Buy it on B&H Photo or get it on

Online photo class

Fantastic Accessory #8: Quit spending money on gear and invest in your photography education!  I’m sorry to plug my own stuff here, but as I’m writing this I can’t help but think that even though these are really cool accessories, you’d probably see a much better improvement in your photos by spending your time LEARNING photography.  There are many great ways to learn photography online, such as Kelby Training, CreativeLive, and I also teach 30-day online photography classes for just $97.

Fantastic Accessory #9: Sandbags  If you own any lighting equipment with light stands, you definitely need a sandbag.  Seems like every photographer, including me, puts off buying one until you break your first strobe, umbrella, or softbox from carelessly using it without a sandbag and the wind blows it over.  It’s like spending $10 to save $100.  Pick this one up on Amazon or buy this one from B&H Photo.

A rain sleeve can save your shoot!

Fantastic Accessory #10: Inexpensive DSLR rain cover  Beginning outdoor photographers run for shelter when it rains, but more experienced photographers know that some of their best pictures come when a storm is approaching because of the dramatic skies.  I also use a rain cover when shooting waterfalls because of the spray from the falls.  No matter how weather sealed your camera is, a DSLR rain cover is a smart choice to carry in your camera bag.  You have two options:  a cheap disposable rain cover for around $6 if you doubt you’ll need it often, or a sturdy reusable one that will last you a lifetime for $35 if you think you’ll use it enough.  Get the cheap one on at B&H Photo or on  Amazon.  Or get a sturdy reusable rain cover through Amazon.

Fantastic Accessory #11: THE flashlight for small light paintings  Have you heard of light painting?  Dave Black is the master of small table-top light paintings and he recommends the Streamlight flashlight for his lightpaintings.  You can buy it on for around $15.


Fantastic Accessory #12: A High-quality Monopod You probably won’t ever realize how often a monopod is the right tool for the job until you own one.  In situations where you’d like a lot of stability but a tripod is impractical, a monopod can make life simpler and your shots sharper.  I use a monopod when I go to the zoo with my family, when shooting sports or wildlife, when hiking with my photo gear, etc.  I found this high-quality Manfrotto monopod for $60 on B&H Photo or you can get it on Amazon.

Camera Creature

Fantastic Accessory #13: A Camera Creature!  If you shoot kids, families, or babies you need a camera creature!  It’s a cool little eye-grabbing attention-getter that wraps around your lens to make the child look at the camera.  These have been very popular on Pinterest lately (follow me on pinterest!).  Very handy item that is worth its weight in gold, but only costs $19.  Buy it at B&H Photo or get it on Amazon.


Fantastic Accessory #14: Flash Gels   A gel is not gel-like at all.  It is a sheet of transparent plastic that colors the light cast by the flash.  If you own a flash unit but you have never purchased gels, this will be the most fun $15 you spend this week.  I frequently use gels when doing shoots to get the light to match the ambient light or to introduce a creative color into the scene.  I like this set of Rosco gels that you can buy at B&H Photo or through Amazon.

Fantastic Accessory #15: A Light Tent. If you shoot products, macro, or food photography, you need a light tent.  A light tent is an easy and cheap way to achieve incredibly soft and even light for small items which are put inside the light tent.  I found a 40″ light tent with several background colors for around $55 on Amazon.

Photoshop Elements

Fantastic Accessory #17: Photoshop Elements 10  If you’d rather not take on the monthly expense of Creative Cloud for the full version of Photoshop mentioned in #6, then Photoshop Elements is for you!  Photoshop Elements is the beginner version of Photoshop, but it is incredibly powerful.  In fact, 95% or more of what I do in Photoshop can be achieved in the same way by using Photoshop Elements.  Learn about the difference between Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom here and then buy Photoshop Elements 10 at B&H Photo or through Amazon.

Hard drive

Fantastic Accessory #18: External Hard Drive for Photo Storage  If you have a ton of photos, or if you need a backup of your photos (and yes, you do need a backup), then an external hard drive is a great choice.  You can get an external hard drive that plugs into your computer via USB for under $100 for a 1 terabyte, or you can get 3 terabytes if you bend the $100 rule of this article and spend $30 more.  I have used Seagate externals for a long time and have always had very good luck with them.  Buy this one on B&H or get this one on

Fantastic Accessory #19: Outdoor Photographer Magazine. For the UNBELIEVABLE price of $11, you can get a one-year subscription to Outdoor Photographer magazine. Subscribe on Amazon.

Fantastic Accessory #20: This one is up to you!  What awesome photography item did I miss in this article?  Let me know in a post below so I can include it next time I do one of these awesome gear roundups.


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  1. srinivas

    Nice list. But for some reason I like your old list better 🙁 ( Probably it would be since we like everything that come’s 1st). I am not sure how you included cs6 in this list?. It may prove to be even more costlier down the lane after you subscribe.
    For Accessory #20. You can include a light stand & a 24″ softbox ( since you included a flash & gels ). So this combined can be a one great starter kit for storbist beginners.

  2. Zach Cooper

    Very nice! I’ll definitely be trying out some of the items on here… saved to my cart for later 🙂 Thanks for keeping current, I’ve referred to last years list multiple times!

  3. Judith

    I bought a package of those Pec Pad thingies after seeing them on the original list. They’re fantastic! I just keep a bunch of them in a sandwich bag with the rest of my gear.

    Also: what are the chief differences between the original yn560 and the yn560 II?

  4. Ann Marie

    What is your bag of choice for your equipment? There are so many to chose from.

  5. Alex

    For #20: How about the LensPen? Especially when you have kids who love to grab at your lens!

  6. John H

    Excellent heavy-duty photographer’s waist-pack from

  7. SilverStarling

    Wow. Thanks for these great suggestions! I just bought three of these items. I’ve needed a light tent for a while, but I didn’t realize I could get one that cheap (I actually decided on a 24″ one that’s even cheaper). I also got the gels and the reflectors (that I’ve also been “needing” for a long time). Can’t wait for them to arrive!

  8. Carrie

    Great list. My cart on Amazon is full! I would add the Hoodman Loupe 3.0. I use this every time when I’m shooting outside in bright daylight.


  9. D. TRavis North

    Couple options for the #20 slot:
    + A good quality Circular Polarizer filter. Some are above $100, depending on lens ring size, but many great CP filters are in the $70-90 range.

    + Frio – Cold Shoe Mount ($13) – very simple solution that has saved me lots of aggravation. It’s a quick-release cold-shoe mount that I have for each of my light stands…I can quickly and easily switch flashes, and it’s served well as an adapter. Even takes that oversized foot of the SB-900.

  10. Emily

    I was going to buy the graphics tab. Sadly postage to Australia was the same cost as the item itself!

  11. Christina

    How about an ExpoDisc from the makers of the Rogue Flashbender? Just buy one that fits over your widest lens, and you’ll always have one that fits over ALL your lenses. I love mine 🙂

    1. Rhonda

      Gary Fong collapsable light sphere does just as good for about $50 just take out the dome and use that as you would an expo disc 🙂

  12. Evelyne

    You missed Lensband. I definitely use it on my zoomlens. It’s cheap, comes in handy and simply works! You can buy it on Amazon too.

  13. Mark Dromgoole

    I don’t go anywhere without a hand grip…much prefer this over a neck or shoulder strap.

  14. DerstructoTex

    I never knew about graphics tablets at Monoprice! I use a Wacom at work, but haven’t ponied up for one at home due to the cost. Now I have no excuse!

  15. Sam

    why struggle with a cut rate tablet? I have a Wacom Intuos4 and it was worth every cent of its $300.

    I wouldn’t consider that VERY expensive considering the amount of use I get from it.

    1. dreglo

      I own a monoprice tablet and I’ve got to tell you, probably THE BEST $50 I’ve spent online. My “cut rate” tablet get TONS of use and has not failed me yet. Ijs…

  16. Leah

    I think that a battery extender should be on this list. I took your Beginning Photography Class and you mentioned getting a good one for about $50.

  17. Kristen Coley

    So, I just purchased the
    The Famous YN-560 II Flash and it is wonderful so far, but I can’t get it to work while in live view with my canon T3i. Any suggestions?

    1. Author
      Jim Harmer

      Woah… That’s totally strange. I have never heard of that issue happening before. It won’t fire in live view?!?!

    2. Ben

      From my experience, the hot shoe doesn’t work at all in live view mode, at least, on all the Canon models I’ve used. Sorry 🙁

  18. Shaky

    I just thought I would spread the word, about an alternative Monopod… Take a look at the Sirui P-306 $59.99 in Aluminum) or P-326($99 in carbon fiber) I would argue it is better quality for your $ than the Manfrotto recommendation, which I admit is good, but the size, weight, strength and quality are arguably right at the top, with the Gitzo equivalent at $250.

  19. Amy Jones

    I bought a lens cap holder for my camera strap and I LOOVE it! I got mine at It doesn’t technically help me take better pics but at least it makes it easier to keep track of my lens cap when I am following kiddos around! 😀

  20. Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    I have a white camera (Pentax K-x) and prefer my accessories to have a bit of personality (e.g. not black), and I was struggling to find a strap I liked in the UK, so I ended up opening my own shop, maybe I’ll make it into the next roundup!

    1. Becky

      I use it too, and for what it cost, it does a great job making a pop-up flash work the way it should!

  21. Meaghan

    I am a beginner photographer, just got my Canon T3 for christmas, and I am looking to add a flash to my gear and I was excited to see your post on theThe Famous YN-560 II Flash. I have been looking at the Canon 430ex ii, it was recommended to me to look at that one. I am now wondering if The Famous YN-560 II Flash would be the right purchase in comparison. Cost tells me yes but I don’t know enough technical stuff to be able to do a side by side comparison and know I would be making the right choice, help!!

  22. Sarah

    I’ve used the Black Rapid dual harness and I did love it EXCEPT for the fact that the camera will hang upside down (because the harness attaches to the camera body by the threaded tripod mount on the bottom) which causes problems. If I knelt down, the flash would hit the floor. Plus if you want to suddenly use a monopod, it takes time to unscrew it. Then I discovered the OP-TEK dual harness which is just as comfortable and the cameras do not hang upside down. Plus it quickly comes apart so you can use one camera at a time in addition to still being able to mount it to a monopod.

  23. Kelly Clark

    Jim, I’m confused. RE; the Monoprice tablet. In one video, you and Dusty-O sweep it via 12 gauge. Yet here you recommend it as a “fantastic accessory”. Could you elaborate?

    1. Author
      Jim Harmer

      @Kelly Clark – The problem we had with the tablet is that the driver had issues over time as we tested it on different machines. I didn’t have any trouble with it when it was new.

  24. Pavlina

    Thanks for the useful article. I picked a couple of accessories that would be useful.

    Let me give my suggestion as well – I know these are not the most popular sites for shopping, however, I found a few items that are quite useful from the cheap Chinese websites and they deliver for free. Here are the ones I use:

    1. [url hidden] – not only for portrait photos, but also when I need to be really still and don’t have my tripod with me.

    2. [url hidden]
    I do not own an external flash so this is one of the good diffusers and you can pick the colour as well. Usually I go with the orange one, cause it gives warmth to the picture.

  25. Mike

    For a non Canon flash to work in live view “Silent Mode” must be set to Disable. It is in the manual in the live view section on the 60D. I like to never figured it out myself.

  26. Mike

    “silent mode” must be set to disable for non canon flashes to fire in live view.

  27. Barbra

    I was wondering what kind of ball head you used with your monopod? I got a monopod and a ball head for Christmas but don’t like my ball head because it doesn’t have a user friendly quick release.

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