Master Real Estate Photography in 2 Hours Flat

Master Real Estate Photography in 2 Hours Flat is a video course for photographers who have already learned the basics of photography in a different genre, and now want to make some extra money with real estate photography.

The wedding and portrait industry is incredibly crowded with photographers, but the real estate industry is a prime opportunity for photographers to create a significant side-income in no time.  Josh Corrigan, who presents this video class, was able to build up a full-time real estate photography business in only a few months after learning to create real estate photos at a world-class level.

After watching this course, you'll be able to:

  • Create epic blue hour exterior photos of any home with just one simple flash
  • Quickly photograph any bathroom with large mirrors and avoid reflections
  • Use a tilt-shift lens
  • Make the lines of any home and walls look perfectly straight in your photos
  • Price your real estate photography to create a smart business
  • Successfully market yourself to real estate agents in your local area

This course is only intended for photographers who have already learned shutter, aperture, and ISO as well as the basics of composition.  This is for photographers who are already familiar with their cameras and now want to learn the specialty tricks and techniques that are required in real estate photography.

[column type=”one-third”] [feature_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h5″ icon=”video-camera”]2 Hours of HD Video Training[/feature_headline] Each video is produced on-location in a home so you can see exactly how to create each of the photos.[/column]

[column type=”one-third”] [feature_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h5″ icon=”book”]Download the Photos[/feature_headline]  After watching the video, you can download some of the photos shot in the video to practice post-processing using the techniques Josh teaches. [/column] [column type=”one-third” last=”true”] [feature_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h5″ icon=”floppy-o”]Download and Keep Forever[/feature_headline] The videos and eBook are yours to download and keep forever. Watch them on any device, as often as you like, for years to come. [/column]

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[x_accordion_item title=”Part 1 – Creating Clean Photos of Bathrooms”]When most photographers think of real estate photography, they usually focus on the exterior shots; however, the bathroom is actually the most challenging room to photograph in a home.  You'll see Josh's approach to making any bathroom look clean and beautiful by using an external flash and smart compositions.  Rather than cramming the camera in the corner of the room and shooting extremely wide, Josh's smart approach to small rooms makes his photos stand apart from the industry.[/x_accordion_item]
[x_accordion_item title=”Part 2 – Photographing Kitchens”]In this segment, the instructor shows how he can make the cabinets in any kitchen look amazing by bouncing a simple flash off the ceiling.  Josh sets up his Canon DSLR for a composition of the kitchen, then triggers his camera with a cell phone and watches the preview of his shots on his phone as he walks around the kitchen making adjustments.  The kitchen is the most important room of the house, and Josh's technique really makes his kitchen shots stand out.[/x_accordion_item]
[x_accordion_item title=”Part 3 – Photographing the Living Room”]Creating inviting photos of the living room helps to sell any home.  Josh shows in this segment why he never faces windows in his shots so that he can capture the like falling gently along walls, which creates an inviting mood.[/x_accordion_item]
[x_accordion_item title=”Part 4 – Creating Jaw-Dropping Blue Hour Exterior Photos”]Without question, the photo most requested by real estate agents is an exterior photo of the home during the blue hour; however, this technique is very difficult to replicate without some instruction.  Josh teaches this segment in a way that makes it easy for any photographer to create epic shots like his the first time after seeing the few tips and tricks he uses to make the shot.  It's really quite simple.[/x_accordion_item]
[x_accordion_item title=”Part 5 – Post-Processing”]Real estate photography is a volume business.  Josh not only teaches how to create the ultimate real estate photos to make any home look gorgeous, but he also shows some techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop to make the editing process quick and simple.  After learning just a few steps, the technique is easily repeatable.[/x_accordion_item]
[x_accordion_item title=”Part 6 – Making Real Estate a Successful Business”]Pricing and marketing real estate photography is much simpler than any other genre of photography if you can see how Josh does it.  His dead-simple pricing structure and easy marketing methods helped him to build a successful business very quickly.[/x_accordion_item]

All 6 parts are included for one low price in Master Real Estate Photography in 2 Hours Flat.  All of the videos will be included in your download.

About The Instructors

Josh Corrigan is one of the top real estate photographers in the United States, and has achieved that goal in just a few short years after starting his business. Realizing the portrait photography industry was too crowded, Josh began photographing real estate and quickly found how much easier it was to get clients and create an income. His business has now become his full-time job as he does what he loves and employs others to help his business grow. His real estate photos have appeared in large publications and have created opportunities for him to be a guest host on the Improve Photography Podcast and to present at the Improve Photography Conference. See His Portfolio here.

Jim Harmer

Jim Harmer takes the role of the student in this course.  He interviews Josh throughout the course–asking the questions you'd want to ask if you were there.  Jim is ranked in the top 40 most popular photographers in the world, with a million followers on social media.  He travels the world to holding his popular, completely free photography meetups with his readers across the globe and hosts the Improve Photography Podcast each week.  Jim is known for his easy-to-understand and down-to-earth teaching style.  View Jim Harmer's Portfolio here.

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