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We want you to have total flexibility to watch your video training, so we allow you to download your HD videos OR stream them on any device. That's something that very few online companies allow, but we want our classes to be as easy to watch as possible.

If the links open a video rather than forcing a download of the video, right click on the video and choose “Save as.”

Unit 1 – Leveling Up Your Photography

  • Intro – Leveling Up Your Photography (Download)
  • Lighting Landscapes (Download)
  • Composition with Jim Harmer's Block Method (Download)
  • Creative Photography at Home – The Kitchen video (Download)
  • Close-up Photography (Download)

Unit 2 – Mastering Manual Mode

Unit 3 – Getting Tack Sharp Photos with Proper Focus

Unit 4 – Gear Guide

Unit 5 – Flash and Portrait Photography


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