Really Good Photo Spots is an iPhone app that helps photographers find the best photography locations anywhere in the world. Photographers like you use it every day to find locations near them, search for locations in a distant land, add their own locations, and share photos of the best spots on earth.

Unrivaled database of photo spots

Other apps simply crawl Flickr and grab geotagged photos. All of spots in rGPS were manually submitted by photographers around the world solving the problem of the notoriously unreliable and inaccurate geotags in other apps.

Every Spot is Manually Reviewed and Vetted

When a user uploads a new spot in the app, it goes directly to a professional photographer at Improve Photography who double-checks the GPS coordinates for accuracy, adds helpful information about the spot, and assigns a star rating. This provides accuracy in information and consistency in star ratings.

Thousands of spots cover the globe

Many dozens of photo spot apps have been released over the years. None have gained traction because they simply didn't have good data when the app was launched. rGPS will improve over time as users upload even more spots, but we're launching with many thousands of spots so every user has a good experience the first time they use it.

Really Good Photo Spots

  • Search functionality
  • Over spots in the database
  • Save your favorite spots

Premium Version

$ 9
  • All free version features
  • Advanced search
  • Location filters
  • Save locations to "Trips"
  • No Ads!

Common Questions

We are adding new photo spots almost every day!

At this time, the app is only available on iOS. We wanted to launch both a web app and android app, but the development costs were just too high.

We plan to do this in the future and will keep you updated.

Just download the free version of the app then you will be prompted with an offer to upgrade.

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