Top Result: Cheap Extension Tubes

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  • In my testing, these very cheap extension tubes produced better results than the name brand ones
  • Very inexpensive
  • Sharp
  • Reliable lens communication


  • As with all extension tubes, focus is done mostly by moving in and out

Note From Jim

A while ago I bought 5 macro lenses and several sets of extension tubes to determine which one I should recommend here. You can't beat a dedicated macro lens for autofocus and ease of use, but you can get an inexpensive set of extension tubes for just $50 that will produce sharp photos. I think most photographers should buy extension tubes FIRST before a macro lens. Then, if you decide to get a dedicated macro lens later, you can still use the extension tubes with it for extreme macros. Extension tubes are a small, lensless piece that goes between the body of the camera and a regular lens (50mm is great) to make the lens focus much closer.