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13 Tips For Weather Photography

In Features, Uncategorized by Stanley Harper

Weather photography is a highly rewarding genre of photography.  To capture a wall hanger of a storm, it takes skill, knowledge, luck and determination to get the job done.  From being able to read the storm and dialing in your settings to watching the radar to position yourself in a location that will yield a …

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5 Ways that Fear Inhibits Your Photography

In Uncategorized by Mark Morris

For starters, this is not your typical ‘how to improve a specific thing in your photography’ type of article.  I do feel strongly, however, that this topic is one that is very important for creatives of all sorts to wrestle with, so I decided to go out on a limb, and share an experience from …

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25 Tips to Improve Your Photowalk

In Photo Basics, Uncategorized by Aaron Taylor

We’ve all been stuck in a photography rut, stagnantly wading through the same old library of photos. Without a jolt of inspiration, we all can fall prey to the same old techniques and tricks. If that’s how you’re feeling, then this article has 25 ideas to jumpstart your creativity and get you thinking in new …

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Cerevo Livewedge: In-depth Review

In Uncategorized by Jim Harmer

Almost everything we do on is about still photography, but today’s post is more relevant to media creators, which applies to only a subset of our audience. For years I’ve been interested in setting up a live switching studio in my office so that I can accomplish multiple camera angles when I’m doing tutorials …