Latitude: THE Travel Photography Podcast

Intro music

Welcome Introduction: Brent Intro this time 🙂  and So long, Farewell 🙂 T.O.P.

Topic 1: Question: What’s one of the most exciting or insane things you’ve done while traveling to get the shot?

Brian: I know it’s fresh from my trip, but hiking 8 hours round trip to Trolltunga…

Brent: I took a paragliding trip in Chile. Story behind the shots…
Pigeons in India and/or Chile.


Topic 2: Brent’s Workshops. Just a quick announcement/reminder.
Going to put a spot on my site soon about private workshops. Can be for anywhere, and is customized.

Topic 3: Washington D.C.

Dream Destination

Brian – Maldives: dinoflagellates – little phytoplankton that give off electrical signals in the moonlight

Brent – Manaus, Brazil. The meeting of the waters.

Good-bye in any language

Brian – French (bon voyage)

Brent – Portuguese

Outro music

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