IP Roundtable (EP-230)

Jim opens episode with his announcement

Topic 1:  Location: Norway

  • Coming up with the location
  • Photo locations

Trolltunga, Tyssedal
This is an all time classic Norwegian photo. Depending on your fitness level this is an 8-12 hour return walk, not including photography time.
In order to get the best light you might want to camp up on the mountain which means the ability to shoot sunset and the sunrise before you walk down again. Walking up at midnight or down after the sunset is probably not the best idea.

Topic 2: Cost of the trip-

Flight: $1,600

Rental car for 10 days – $350


Latituate Ep – 9 App announcement

  • App release is under ????
  • IP Retreat tickets on sale next week
    • Price $459
    • Location will make this trip much cheaper
    • Alumni and IP+ members get $50 off.  Check your networks.


Doodads of the Week!



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