Photo Taco – Lightroom: 2 Bugs and Catalog Backup

Jeff Harmon talks about 2 Lightroom bugs that he has had a lot of questions on from listeners:

  1. In 2015.10 / 6.10 when round tripping from Lightroom to Photoshop an error message saying that the Camera Raw plug-in is not version 9.10 is coming up even though Photoshop is fully updated and has the very latest version of the Camera Raw plug-in
  2. Back in 2015.8 / 6.8 an error message about the catalog backup being 4GB was shown even though the catalog file and the backup were not actually that big.

Jeff walks through Lightroom Catalog backups, how it works, recommendations for how to set it up, and why it is this 4GB message isn't a problem because it was incorrectly coming up in version 2015.8 but even it if was accurate it isn't something to worry about.

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