IP Roundtable (EP-222)

Topic 2: Brent
Printing. Using ICC profiles. Different paper types. Sets the tone of the image. Want to choose a paper that elevates the image, gets out of the way. Paper or other material that causes viewers to focus on that simply detracts from the photo and doesn’t magnify it.
I prefer Canson Infinity paper, but there’s Hahnemühle, Moab, Red river, tons of others. (epson, ilford, canon,

Midroll: Casper, Squarespace

Topic 3:  Laryssa – How long does it take you to edit your personal photos.  Procrastination.  I still haven’t edited photos from the Phoenix workshop.  It can typically take me a month or so before I get to them.  Paid clients get photos within two to three weeks my own work can go months.  

  • 3 key star system
    • Only edit what you actually need to
  • Don’t come home with edits to make
  • Slow down, get it right, move to another composition.  Don’t repeat the same shot.
  • Turn off high speed drive mode
  • Lightroom medic – get a GOOD workflow!


Free meetup. Miami. Wednesday, June 7. 6:00 p.m.  South Pointe Beach to start. Working north towards the great neon lights for blue hour and night shots. A listener, Randy, has helped point me in the right direction.

Workshop. Chicago Botanic Gardens. Friday, August 18. Details are on my website. www.brentbergherm.com/tours
Acquatic Garden, Bonsai, Prairie, English Oak, Roses, English Walled, Greenhouses, Japanese, Butterflies and SO MUCH MORE. Trails, lakes, ponds, islands, waterfalls, rivers.

Doodads of the Week!


  • Brent: Cotton gloves for handling prints.



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