IP Roundtable (EP-218)

Topic 1: What's missing from your camera system?

Update on rGPS

May launch

Betas are starting to look pretty good

4,000 locations

Topic 2: Jeff – Deep Photo Style Transfer https://arxiv.org/pdf/1703.07511.pdf and IG shadow banning


We are through the first 3 months of 2017.  Time is flying by.  Do you have a few shots that you have marked as candidates for our Top Ten this year?  I know people are probably tired of hearing me talk about this topic, but I really think the annual top ten process I go through every year is one of the things that has helped me to improve the very most.  

  • There is a Photo Taco podcast with a whole lot more detail about the process you can find by searching “photo taco top ten” on google
  • Basic idea here is to mark your photos in some way as you process them through the year so that you will know to go back to them at the end of the year to narrow down the images you have taken through the year to your 10 best
  • I do this through the use of collections in Lightroom.  I have a collection called “candidates 2017” that is marked as my target collection and every time I finish processing a photo that I think could end up being one of my top ten best on the year I put it into the collection, which takes all of 1 second by just hitting “B” if you have a target collection setup.
  • In December I go through the candidates I marked through the year and have to narrow down all of those brilliant photos to 10.  Usually somewhere between 30 and 50 or so.  Kind of like choosing which of your babies is ugliest.  Getting it down to about 15 or so it gets really hard and it turns into a situation where you can really do a portfolio review with yourself as you have to kick out 5 of those shots.

Topic 3: Jeff – Update on Updates

  • Lightroom 2015.9/6.9 gets an all clear from me.  
    • There have been some minor issues I have seen from Photo Taco listeners and over in the Adobe forums, but there have been more people that have been able to apply the update with no issues than those who have had issues.  
    • Thus far, all those who have had issues have had the issue resolved doing a fairly simple and painless preferences reset.  The most common issue I have seen reported happens on Mac where the thumbnails in the filmstrip view are shown too big and overlap or cover up some of the space above them where they shouldn’t, kind of going off the filmstrip.
    • If you need to do a preferences reset then make sure before you do that you go to Preferences>Presets – and uncheck the “Store Presets with this catalog.”  This setting is recommended to be off and if it is on then you won’t see any user presets you have created as you do a preferences reset.
  • Windows Creators Update coming early April.
    • As always, recommend photographers who can’t afford to have any bumps running their business to wait for other crazy people like me and the IP crew to try it out before you.  That goes for MacOS, Windows, and Lightroom.
    • The Creators Update will start being deployed to all Windows 10 users starting in early April.  It will be rolled out to some very specific configurations Microsoft is most confident will not have issues and then slowly be rolled out to more and more configurations over the next several weeks to months.
    • Unfortunately, delaying the update is a straightforward process.  Hit up his article for the full details but basically there is an option in a system setting for Windows 10 Pro users and a rather awful workaround for Windows Home users.
    • Really good article from Paul Thurott over at thurrott.com on the topic.  He is a very technical journalist closely following Microsoft and Windows, installing all of the updates Microsoft makes available as they are released every few weeks.  Based on how the last big update went, the one called the Anniversary update, his recommendation is that everyone delay in upgrading until the most technical people have given it a try.  https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/106922/windows-10-tip-get-creators-update-schedule

Doodads of the Week!

Jeff: Lightroom Keyword List Project, FREE, 


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