Advertising on Facebook (EP-94)

Erica talks with Sarah Evans, the woman behind the course, Social Leads, to discuss the value of Facebook advertising and some best practices associated with it.

  • The value of advertising on social media, especially for portrait photographers
  • Common misconceptions or myths surrounding social media advertising
  • 1-2 takeaways that listeners can do RIGHT NOW to improve their social media marketing

Listener Questions:

  • Peter Foote Slideshows vs std ad vs actual dorky video of me? ¬†Best way to target wedding couples?
  • Brian Pex Does paying for the BOOST feature that they offer really work? I did it once for a test and got many likes on an image but whether that would lead to sales is still a question. Thanks
  • Margo Rader Best type of call to action and wording for that call
  • Tom Fairchild I've lived abroad for over a decade and for the last year or so have been completely on the road. In the next few months I do plan on settling down in a good sized city in the US and was wondering if Facebook Ads are a legitimate way to find new clients in a new area? My portfolio is strong (I hope!) but what would you suggest is the best way to go about finding people interested in my services as a portrait/travel/event photographer?

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