IP Roundtable (EP-216)

Topic 1: Sandy – Formatting your SD card. Do you/should you format it every time? Do you all think there’s there a risk involved with formatting? I personally format every time. It’s just faster and easier for me (on the Nikon, there’s are two red [format] icons, and when you hold them down, it formats the card!).

  • On the Mac

Topic 2: Brent – Camera cleaning recap (talked about it at the retreat)link to pdf

Midroll: Go to Audible.com/improve and start listening to audio books!  Jim recommends “Never Split the Difference”

Doodads of the Week!

Sandy: VILTROX LED Panel

Doorandom: Sandy – Camera Necklace

Brent: SensorKlear

Doorandom: Brent – Battery Caddy (or just use gaffer tape)


Latitude: THE Travel Photography Podcast

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