Shooting Headshots Like a Pro (PS EP-92)

Shooting Headshots Like a Pro

Erica and Connor discuss various aspects of professional headshot photography.

  • Preferred lighting set ups
    • Jessica Charron I'd be curious how you determine the best light setup. Headshots are used for all different types of businesses and website. I don't think it's too tricky to figure out bright and airy or dark and dramatic. But I'd like more info in the before the shoot stage I guess. Do you send questions to your client, do you have a consultation, do you just do the same set up for every headshot?
    • Morayo Sayles Hi Erica, I would love to discuss your take on Natural light headshots vs. flash headshots. I know Connor works in studio, but do either of you take your headshots outside? And when you do, how do you decide when you want natural lighting vs artificial lighting?
  • Traditional v. Environmental
    • Adrian Mitchell I use seamless rolls for backgrounds (Black, Thunder Gray, and White). Sometimes I get bored with these generic backgrounds and use gels to switch things up a bit, or apply textures to the background in post. Besides gels, are there any other special tricks you use to bring life to a bland or dismal background?
    • Margo Rader Do you use any portable back drops for headshots? If so, which ones? ¬†¬†Fancier Studio Pop up backdrop
  • Individuals v. Group
    • Zelda Zaragoza Johns I have a potential opportunity to do a high volume shoot. Wondering how to speed through a lot of people and still get good quality.
  • Acting/Dramatic v. Business
    • Scott Hallock For actor headshots, should the lens be at eye level, slightly above eye level, or slightly below eye level?
    • Agatha Knelsen How much is too much editing? We are providing pics that directors and talent agents expect to be a fair representation of the actor. Between posing and Photoshop, where is the line between true likeness and glamour?
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