Photo Taco – Lightroom Organization

Jeff Harmon and guest Victoria Bampton, better known as the Lightroom Queen, talk about 5 key principles that should guide how they organize their photos both inside and outside of Lightroom:

  1. Scalable
  2. Easy Backup & Restore
  3. No Duplication
  4. Standard Characters
  5. Consistent

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Photo Taco – Lightroom Queen: https://improvephotography.com/40799/photo-taco-lightroom-queen/
Why not organize photos into folders by topic? https://www.lightroomqueen.com/why-not-organize-photos-into-folders-by-topic/
How do I organize photos into folders? https://www.lightroomqueen.com/organize-photos-folders/
How do I use the Import Dialog’s Destination panel to put the photos into dated folders? https://www.lightroomqueen.com/import-create-dated-folders/
How do I use the Import Dialog’s Destination panel to put the photos in per-shoot folders? https://www.lightroomqueen.com/import-destination-shoot-folders/
Why use collections to organize photos? https://www.lightroomqueen.com/collections-organize-photos/
Other resources:

Vote for Jeff’s “Cull” module idea to be added to Lightroom: https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/less_redundancy_actions_during_import_into_lr_instant_rating_during_import

Photo Taco Archive: https://improvephotography.com/category/taco/
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