Listener Questions (EP-90)

LIstener Questions:


Eryk B. Lugo What causes banding, and how can you deal with it in post or how can you try and avoid/minimize it when using strobes? 3:25

eather Huebner Marlin I have been using an assistant more frequently but have always done it off the books. What steps should I be taking to be more….legitimate about this??

Katherine Callahan Also, consistency with images – My images change with lighting situation and the season. How do you stay consistent? 6:30

Ashwin Chathuruthy Soft box size. What's the best one for travel and get nice soft light and be able to set up fast(umbrella type)

Aaron Taylor You're ¬†tasked with teaching two college photography courses. One is “Photography 101,” the intro course any freshman can take as an elective. The other is “Photography 490,” an upper level course for senior photography majors. What would you put in each course?

Marc Kirby What are some other uses for your portrait lenses? what factors you consider when choosing a lens for a shoot?

Nick Forsman What are the best practices for grabbing lifestyle type shots in a place with bad lighting (ie low and splotchy light) with a crop sensor and unable to use flash?

Scenario: at an indoor playground with a fast moving two year old, with a 70D and a 24-70 2.8

Annelise Spencer How many lenses do you each own?

Annelise Spencer Ok, for real now… what is your Dream Shoot this year?

Dean Vinson What bag do you use for portrait shoots? How to keep active with photography in the winter.

Kenneth Breivik I have had a number of people that I shot recently where once I color correct their cheeks are very red. I have to really desaturate the image for it to look right these are indoor shots. Any idea what is going wrong or how to fix. The people don't look like this.

Rainee Lee Tubbs my question is, to TTL or not to TTL and If I go with TTL, can I still use it manually? Would love to hear the major differences between the two as far as situations go.

Contact Sheet Contest! 1 randomly submitted entry will win an hour long skype tutoring Session from Connor.

Submit a contact sheet of 36 consecutive shots on the Portrait Session Podcast Listeners Group along with a final edited image from those 36. To get the most out of this exercise try to not look at the back of your camera while you are shooting. Just pay close attention to your settings and the way you compose the images. Have fun! The intention of this exercise is to be more mindful of your actions in shooting. Be careful and considerate of the way you shoot and have fun! Contest Ends February 30th


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